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Subject: English party game gone wrong rss

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My girlfriend and I received Thlink from her parents who found it in their garage. They moved to the US from the UK about 3 years ago and have just gotten to unpacking some boxes. Thlink was in there and as they are not much into games, gave it to us.


16 picture cards are put out in view of all the players. On a players turn, they draw a Category card and reveal it. Everyone has 30 seconds to study the cards and figure out how to relate them to the category card. The turn player picks up the number of cards they can link. The rest of the players then bid to see who can make the most links. The high bidder picks up the remaining cards they believe they can link.

The acting player goes first and reveals cards one at a time, stating a link to the category. For example, if the category was "Song Title" and the picture card had a ladder on it, you could say "Stairway to Heaven". If the acting player declares a link which is obviously wrong or believed to be wrong, one of the other players can use one of their two Challenge cards. All non-active players vote on the challenge. If the challenge is upheld by a majority, the link is invalid and will not be scored for the active player. The active player will then also lose 1 additional link. This continues until all links have been made/challenged. Successful links are scored 1 point each.

Play then passes to the next active player. These steps should be taken until all players have had a turn.


There is not much to this game. The box is small. There is a standard hourglass timer, a rule sheet, and 2 sets of cards. One set of cards is the Challenge cards and the other is the picture cards which the game is based around. The cards are a fairly standard stock, slightly lighter than most CCGs and without the gloss of regular playing cards. I can see how these cards will probably not hold up for an extended period of time.

The rules are easy to understand and are fairly well written.


The biggest problem with this game is that it is just too easy most of the time. It is not at all uncommon for the acting player to declare that they can link all 16 cards, thus not giving any other player a chance that turn. This seriously detracts from the good rounds in which some actual thinking is required.


I seriously doubt if we'll ever play this again unless we can make up our own rules which will basically create a different game. There are scores of better party games available. Everyone in America should be glad this is an English game and is not readily available here.

I rate this a 2/10 because as the rules are written, its so easy that it is devoid of fun. I believe the basic premise is solid, but something needs to be seriously rearranged to make it playable. My girlfriend and I will attempt to create a new ruleset based on the linking concept, but that will basically create a new game, rendering this one useless except as parts.

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