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Tagore Nakornchai
United Kingdom
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So, I bought the game a few weeks back. On Friday, I finally had the chance to introduce it to our gaming group.

Oliver: Greyjoy
John: Lannister
Peter: Stark
Q: Tyrell
SJ: Baratheon
Me (Tom): Martell

Actually, I drew Tyrell, but Q sulked, saying that he didn't want the wrom-eaten pieces, so I agreed to swap with him.


Martell: I must admit. I didn't really have a plan. I was aiming to get Storm's end, Dragonstone, King's Landing, Starfall, Yronwood and Sunspear as my 6, but that was before Tyrell decided to be annoyign and attack me. Then, I was forced to divert all my attention towards Tyrell, and all my begging with Lannister got me nowhere. I was trying to make allies, but nobody wanted to help me, since I was on e of the two people who have read the books.

Stark: Stark didn't seem to have a clear strategy. In fact, his plan seemed to be limited to holding the North agaisnt Greyjoy. Of course, if he had been smart, he could have struck at Greyjoy in the Sotuh and attempted to break through.

Tyrell: Tyrell's plan seemed to be to beat me into a pulp. He basically left most of his cities unguarded, and sent all his armies agaisnt me, to take my cities. I put up a valiant fight, but in the end, his sheer brute force me.

Lannister: Lannister got an alliance with Greyjoy, and they agreed to divide the map - Greyjoy would take on Stark while Lannister expands slowly. Eventually, he took advantage of Tyrell trying to mash me into a pulp and took Highgarden (Tyrell was naive enough to voluntarily give him The Reach!) Lannister was then going to show off and snatch Starfall from Tyrell, but thought better of it.

Baratheon: Baratheon admitted that he had no real plan and was just... playing.

Lannister and Greyjoy basically dominated the game. They "fixed" the bidding - one of them would get Iron Throne, fix all the draws, and the othe would get the Valyrian steel blade and the Raven.

Turn 1: Baratheon moved to Cracklaw's Point and Storm's End. Lannister allied with Greyjoy, and took Riverrun. Stark blundered and only took Moat Cailin. The Footman on white harbour stayed there. Martell moved west to Yronwood and Starfall. Tyrell provocatively attacked Prince's Pass. I screamed at him, but he wouldn't budge.

Turn 2: I snatch Storm's End from Baratheon, who takes King's Landing. Tyrell attacks me in Starfall, but I beat him back. Meanwhile, Greyjoy takes the Twins and prepares for an assault against Winterfell and the North. He moves his navy into the bay of ice, and prepares for an attack against Winterfell. Lanniste takes Harrenhal.

Turn 3: Clash of Kings puts Greyjoy on 1st place on all three tracks (My constant combat prevented me from gaining much power, and Baratheon played badly) Greyjoy launches a lightning raid against Stark, takes Winterfell, though he is driven out again afterwards. I mash up a few tyrell armies, but my plans are spoiled when Baratheon decides to support Tyrell agaisnt my attack from Storm's End.

Turn 4: Another Clash of Kigns, and a wildling attack. Baratheon drives me from Storm's End, and Lannister negotiates the Reach. A Stark counterattack retakes winterfell from Greyjoy, but weakens Moat Cailin so much that Greyjoy takes that later in the turn.

Turn 5: I retake Storm's End, but Tyrell snatches Starfall and almost takes Yronwood. From Storm's end, I march west into the Boneway and (with Lannister support from the Reach) win.

Turn 6: I march into the Dorish Marches, and Lannister turns agaisnt me. I was furious. The army was destroyed by a Tyrell coutnerattack. Meanwhile, Stark loses Winterfell and Lannister takes Cracklaw point from Baratheon

Turn 7: "Oliver!" I screamed "John has a single footman in Riverrun and a single knight in Lannisport! You have 5 cities already! You can win!" He refused, stating the John was bis ally, and that he didn't want to win by treachery. I lose Sunspear to a determined 2- pronged attack from Tyrell. Lannister, however ,takes this opportunity to march into Highgarden and win the game with 6 cities

Final positions:
1st Lannister:
The Reach
Cracklaw's Point
2nd: Greyjoy
Flint's Finger
Moat Cailin
3rd: Tyrell
4th: Baratheon
King's Landing
5th: Martell
Storm's End
6th: Stark
White Harbour

Nobody took the Eyrie

In the end, I realised that Lannister had played a grand total of 3 house cards during the game. I went through my cards twice.

Lessons learnt: Greyjoy and Lannister, if allied are very powerful.

Stark should be agressive. Peter basically turtled up for most of the game, and didn't make any alliances with anyone. He ended up losing. Badly.

Martell should not make enemies with Baratheon, if possible, because Martell is Tyrell's natural stomping ground (Tyrell can muster 2 ships ino West Summer Sea every turn, plus unraidable support from Redwyne Straits. I can, at most, muster one from Starfall.

Sea power is key. Greyjoy's massive navy severely crippled Stark's ability to fight.
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