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Rapid Deployment Force Commander's Report
Name: Richard "Daredevil" Cutler
Rank: Brigadier General

October 19th, 2001

Day Seven - The Enemy's Death Throes

Starting SOs: 9

Just like it sounds, the Egyptians were on their last legs, and I was determined to come down upon them like a lightning storm. Victory was all but due to be ours if we could destroy or at least cripple three Battalions. However, it seems that the Mounted Infantry Force got orders to mobilize... Or else.

Sortie #01 - Recon in Force (4C)

Enemies Encountered
4x APCs
2x Tanks
2x Helicopters
2x Trucks

Shadow's Armaments
2x AIM-92
2x AGM-114
2x LAU-61

Scuttle's Armaments
1x AIM-9
1x Fuel Tank
2x LAU-61
1x BGM-71

I was able to get on the horn with some IAF F-15 Eagles, which downed the two Egyptian attack helos with relative ease. Shadow and Scuttle destroyed both of the Trucks before having to ascend to Higher altitude.

With a rocket salvo, Scuttle obliterated the first of the two tanks while Shadow destroyed two of the APCs in the northeast. Then the two went after the second tank, to which Shadow easily took down with a rocket salvo. The third APC went into cover as Scuttle egressed northeast, Shadow pursued the bugger.

Shadow destroyed the APC with a full rocket pod while Scuttle left the battlefield. After that, Shadow egressed home.


A set of Egyptian AAA tried to stop them on the way back, but Shadow took care of him easily. And in the aftermath, we received a new scout Helo team to replace our lost one.

Scuttle: 1

Scuttle: 2

Sortie #02 - Supply Depot (4S)

Enemies Encountered
6x Truck
4x Infantry
4x Building
4x Storage

Montana's Armaments
4x AGM-114
2x LAU-61

On the way to the Target, Zinger came under fire by a SAM vehicle - But his ECM and evasive manuevers easily negated the attack. By the start of the mission, the two hit the ground attacking. Zinger easily destroyed two Storages, a Supply Buinker and a Truck. Montana fired two Hellfires, one that missed the Supply Bunker while the other hit a second Truck.

Next, Montana took down the Infantry squad he was situated over while Zinger played havoc with a Truck, a Storage facility and a Bunker.

Zinger blasted three more Infantry squads while Montana finally destroyed the third Supply Bunker with a Hellfire.

Zinger flew over the Truck and obliterated the third Storage facility while Montana flew closer to the Truck's location.

The fourth Truck went into cover, negating Zinger's cannons - But that didn't stop him from destroying the Supply Bunker and Storage Facilities next to it. And then Montana fly up high and destroyed the third Truck, whereupon he and Zinger egressed.


But then, a few Syrian fast movers came out of nowhere and spooked my boys real bad! However, IDF ground forces were able to recover spare parts from the wreckage of the Supply Depot. They could come in handy.

Zinger: 3
Montana: 2

Zinger: 2
Montana: 7

Sortie #03 - Infantry Force (1A)

Enemies Encountered
10x Infantry
8x APC
4x Truck
4x AAA
2x Command

Flash's Armaments
4x AGM-114
2x LAU-61

MQ-1's Armaments
2x AGM-114

Another Crotale SAM appeared and tried to pick off Flash, but he was able to destroy it with an AGM-114.

At the start, the UAV and Flash started out low, and knocked out a Command Vehicle and 2 APCs.

Then they followed it up by destroying 2 of the AAAs and the second Command Vehicle.

The UAV attempted to egress, with Flash covering it by destroying two squads of Infantry with rockets. The APC and Infantry squad fired on Flash, but he suffered neither damage nor any severe effects.

As the MQ-1 retreated, Flash launched radar-guided Hellfires at the third AAA and an APC. Both were destroyed instanteously.

Then he destroyed another Truck and the fourth AAA with his radar-guided Hellfires. Then he concluded his flight by destroying an APC before egressing on Bingo Fuel.


Then more Syrian fast movers appeared, prompting me to call for IAF interceptors to stop them.

Flash: 2

Flash: 3

Enemy Transit

1A Retreats
5A Advances

Remaining SOs: 8
Victory Points: 34.5

We really gave it to them today. We destroyed two Battalions while crippling the third. Jabal's on his last legs, and I'm going to be the instrument of his defeat tomorrow. This war's almost over, and my boys can't wait to get some good R&R before we deploy to Afghanistan.

This is General Richard "Daredevil", signing off on the Penultimate Day of my Campaign.
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