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Subject: 4 new players conquering the new world rss

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Adam Berkan
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We played this last night for the first time. We had just finished playing A Game of Thrones (First Edition) so everyone was in a back-stabby mood. From the first few turns it appeared that this game was far more peaceful. That proved to be wrong...

Initially the French went first and sent 3 colonist to the Carribean. The Dutch conquered the Inca, English focused on Trade Goods and Merchant Ships. The Spanish discovered New Granada. Everyone got one Capital Building.

Next turn the Dutch bought two more buildings when everyone else was broke. The French were focusing on Discoveries while the English continued building their Economy. The Spanish and Dutch sent more colonists including many missionaries.

This trend continued for the next few turns. The French were building initial colonies (and getting the trade good) all over but weren't investing the colonists necessary to hold them. They were getting quite an economy going, especially when the Rum Distillery came up as they ended the game with 5 sugar. Most colonies had two powers fighting for control.

Then the Indian Allies card came up. England bought it and suddenly everyone's knives came out. The warfare track started filling up and colonists were getting killed everywhere. Especially common targets were the Dutch Missionaries. I don't know what religion they were preaching, but it was very unpopular

In the end the Spanish had a lot of people in the new world but ended up second in a lot of colonies. This meant they didn't end up scoring many points from them. The English had a few colonies which had been well protected by soldiers and a strong economy. This gave a mid-70s score. The French had 2nd place in a few colonies and first in the recently discovered Brazil, but also had the most discoveries, strongest economy, and the wealth card. This also turned into a mid-70s score.

Finally the Dutch had built everything very evenly. They had a few colonies 1st and 2nd, a reasonable economy, a few discoveries, and the most capital buildings. This became a 100+ score.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the game (even Ed the Caylus hater ). I think everyone learned the value of sending soldiers to the new world and next time the stabbing will start earlier. The value of the Inca capital building was also evident. 3 actions for 2 buildings is way better than 1 action for 1 building, especially since the last 2 actions will typically have no competition. I expect there will be more competition for this building next time.

I look forward to our next game...
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Galactic Doug
United States
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Good Play Session! meeple

I believe that your scores will get higher and further apart in future games as all of you learn more of the nuances to your particular style. That is what happened to my friends and I so far 7 games this weekend! (We play a game into the ground when it first arrives)

Our last scores are well into the 150+ for first place and everyone else gets closer to 100-125. This seems trendy as the game mechanics lean towards it. (ie. who ever gets the Inca building and then buys either Training Grounds (+ 1 Soldier anywhere) and the Trading Post for $5 extra per turn (this combo builds more for future land/buildings)can get ahead most every turn. (when played correctly).

I have even played a couple 2 person games now and have scores going into the 250+ for 1st and 190+ for the other player. (wonder if thats normal?)

Here's to MANY successful wins!

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