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Subject: Good for small groups, bad for large ones rss

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Fluxx is a card game allegedly able to be played by 6 people. The rules are simple: There is one Basic Rule card in play that states the beginning game rules. Each turn, the player draws the number of cards required, plays the number of cards required, and follows any other rules in play. A player wins when the satisfy the condition set for by the current Goal card.


The rules of this game could not be any easier. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the cards. The cards in play dictate the rules of the game. These can change in a moments notice, so you really have to pay attention to what's on the table.

The game starts of with a Basic Rules card which states the rules at the beginning of the game. Players will then play cards which will add or alter the rules. This can be anything from the number of cards to draw each turn, hand limits, plays per turn, or keeper limits. This is the basis of the game and obviously the reason for its name.


Fluxx is a deck of cards comprised of Actions, Keepers, Rules, and Goals. The cards are made of standard playing card stock, but are slightly smaller. There isn't much in the way of artwork or colors, but this in no way affects the game. Some people would probably argue that the print is too small, but the only way to remedy that would be to make the cards standard size in the next edition.


Gameplay is based off the Rules cards. Whatever the current rules cards say, you must do. The object of the game is to meet the conditions of the Goal card currently in play by having the appropriate combination of Keeper cards. There is really no reason this game should drag unless someone suffers from extreme AP or has no idea what's going on.


This game suffers from a sever contradiction at its most basic level. The nature of this game is for rules to constantly change thereby making strategy almost nonexistant. This should allow players who are not quite sharp enough to handle strategy to do well. These same players however cannot keep track of the constant rule changes and can really slow the game down to a painful speed. It seems like the game was designed to cater to everyone, even those who are not strategically inclined. The amount of chaos tends to scare these people so much they cannot react. Therefore you are left with a group of astute people, capable of handling complex ideas, playing a game with no strategy or tactical decision making.

The game is fun, but I doubt that many people will enjoy it. Its not as easy as it sounds and I find that the people who are capable of handling the chaos are better of playing a game that rewards their intelligence more than this random card fest. This is not a "bad" game, its just not a particularly good one.

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