Anjovi Kulam
Prince George
British Columbia
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Was thinking of giving this a shot when i get it.

It seems the games supposed to work well with the drafting, but i'm concerned that the cards will get mixed up when being passed from player to player (through accident or cheating)

was also iffy about the hidden cards in each player's hands and how it'd effect long term planning. Also got to fix the turn order thing, so what i came up with was.

Pre-Game turn order: 2 methods
1)Randomize turn order through dice rolls.Players then face each of their dice up to indicate turn order.
2)Randomize turn order through shuffling turn order tiles and deal to each player. They face these up on the table to indicate turn order.

Game \round:
1) The 4 cards of each player are placed on the mat in front of each player face up so all can see.
2) Whoever is 1st takes his turn, player to left takes theirs, etc.
3) When all players have gone, pass the 3 cards to the left and have the players draw a 4th card.
4) Next player goes 1st.

Last turn Wealth gives player turn choice:
At last turn of the game each player counts their gold. the richest player gets 1st dibs at choosing which turn they'll get (pick last probably)
In order of richest to poorest, each player will choose which turn they'd like to be and either take the turn order marker or change their d6. ties are settled by giving the higher turn with previously higher turn order first (so whoever was 6th would get to choose before 4th if they had the same amount of gold for example)

Has anyone tried anything similar to this? I figured it might be a good blend of both worlds. Those who are looking for something inbetween the base game method of buying cards vs the new drafting method.

What could speed this process up is having a draw pile for each player (split the deck inbetween each player)

curious what your thoughts are on this. was thinking of using this once i get the game so it isn't for jarring for my partner and nephew who grew to love the old system....might actually be easier on newer players incase i go for one of those 5-6 player games.
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