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Additional Optional rules
. . 1] In honor of sci-fi from years gone by, in this case the famous Kazinty and their Strike Cruisers; the CS of both sides can carry 1 Ftr using the same rules as the MS. [Kazinty CS were armed with missiles like these CS to engage the enemy ship at the same time its Ftrs were closing-in to attack.]
. . This rule makes the CS a “better buy” than before and explains its additional cost (compared to the CL and what more you get for the $4 more it costs). This rule gets more Ftr into the game.

. . 2] Not really a change and not optional, rather a clarification.
I've decided that the Imp. CS will not be a 2 Hit ship, but the Terran CS will be. This makes the Imp. CS his 4th small ship. It also can't screen a TR or MS from enemy fire. All because its Shield =4, not 5. Both CS [optionally] can carry a Ftr. This makes them more useful and a better buy. The Terran CS now is clearly better than the Imp. CS, even though it has no Beams. It takes 2 Hits instead.

. . 3] This rule got left out of the final edit.
One Hit from a capital ship will destroy a 2 Hit CR, CA, or Terran CS. Capital ships' weapons are more powerful than other ships' weapons so they get this additional benefit.

Analysis of what I have done with small ships, 2 Hit cruisers, and 2 hit capital ships.
. . . 1] Small ships. Both sides get 4 designs {Edit, oops, 5 counting Ftr (+ MS & TR)}. The Imp. CS fulfills the same function as the Terran MB. It costs 2.5 times as much but has double the “raw” points (13 vs 7). The CS has shield =4 and can carry a Ftr. And the CS still has a beam weapon after using double missile.
. . The other small ships are unchanged, except 1s are weaker and the Terran DD gets a bonus vs a Shield =1.

. . . 2] Two Hit cruisers. Both sides get 2 designs, and none of the 4 designs are comparable to each other.
. . Both players can only build their smaller one from the start. These 2 smaller designs both have a Shield of 5 which exposes them to attacks by small ships, except by 1 pt. missiles. The Imp. CR is evenly balanced and the Terran CS has all missiles, can carry a Ftr, and is cheaper.
. . The 2 larger designs are about the same “raw” size (17 vs 18), but the CR is cheaper. Both are pretty balanced. The CR has the major advantage that its Shield =6 makes it almost a capital ship in terms of defense and only the Imp. B1 & B2 have a 3, 6, or 9 str. weapon. The CA is exposed to attacks by small ships at close range because its Shield is just 5.

. . . 3] Capital ships. These are pretty much the same as before except that they get 2 Hits and the other advantages. I don't think this changes their relative usefulness all that much [compared to each other].
. . The B & B1 take just 1 turn to build which [though in different ways] explains their high M# of 6. The B is slapped together very fast in the emergency. The B1 are "war surplus ships" that the Emperor sometimes forces the Provincial Governors to buy. They are being refurbished [not built] in the turn you wait.
. . The B is a Dreadnought-Battlecruiser. The B1 & B2 are both 2nd class Dreadnought-Battleships.
. . The BB are advanced Battleships.
. . The Monitors do become more of a hassle to deal with (as they should) because they take 2 Hits also. This is why I want to limit you to just 2 of them per system. I don't want to make the defense too powerful.

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Paolo Desalvo
Country side area north of Rome
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I'm a feder-allergic and I blame the Klingon for not having smashed the Federation in time to save us from Star Trek serials.
Surely you know that I've posted the rules to my variant in files here.

It would be hard to have missed it.
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