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Subject: not bad for 5 dollars rss

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ben harvey
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I had low expectations when bought a pack of this game, its for a movie and says "8+" on the package, however I was curois and so my friend and I both bought a pack.

in each pack u get two tranformers (one deceptacon, one autobot), their stat cards, some counters and the rules.The transformers are made of punch our cards similer to pirates, however they are slightly more flexible and bend rather then snap (wich I think is better). The acutual transformers are somwhat fun to build but they look better in vehicle mode then robot mode. The rules are simple, and on the back is digrams on how to assemble each robot and vehicle.

The game uses a "rock paper scissors" mechanic with aditional effects and a health meter

basicly your transformer has two modes, vehicle and robot. both modes have a seprate health bar that you trakc with a little clip and if either one gets to zero its destroyed

each player starts wiht all his transformers in vehicle mode with full health and at far range( there are two ranges, far and close and some attacks to additonal damage at certain ranges). players both pick a attack colur and simutanously reveal it (using the tokens in 3 colurs) if the colurs mathc then both robots missed and u do it again, if there diffrent then you look at the card to see if it hits. Basicly red hits (does damage) when ur oppennet chooses green, green hits on blue and blue hits on red. each attack has an ammount of damage it does, and somtimes abilitys (like change form or change range)

Now this my sound like mindless luck but theres is strategy, if you can get ur oppenets robot low enough that you know he will try to change form, then you can target his change form attack colur with some assurance that u know it will hit. of course somtimes it turns into a "I know that you Know that I know that " wich fun and turns it into an game of "out smarting" your oppenet.

not bad for five dollars, Id recomend getting a pack for some cheap fun one night. the pressure to collect is very low, and most of the robots are evenly matched, so even wiht 2 packs you can have a good time

intresting thing though, you dont actualy need the models to play, they have no game info and serve no purpose other to look nice, there sorta like the bubble gum in a pack of baseball cards
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Bobb Beauchamp
United States
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So you're in essence paying $5 for a couple of stat cards? Maybe as a game, that's not bad, but when 90% of what's in the pack is filler, that seems to be a pretty low value.

I got the jetfire card in Game Trade Mag. I don't know if the retail packs come with assembly instructions, but the GTM Jetfire did not. The images of the assembled model were so small it took more effort than I thought was appropriate in order to assemble the model in either configuration.

Overall, this looks to be a huge disappointment. The model when assembled looks okay, for a styrene assembly. But when Wizkids puts out truly beautiful pirate ships, these transformers leave a lot to be desired. And with such an abstract gameplay...why bother? It doesn't even seem like there's much room to add on rules to make the game more worthwhile.
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