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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
Amanda Sharpe vs Nyarlathotep

That there are things in this world that are safer unknown is, I think, self-evident. Our world has seen many a terrible sight over the years that would not have occurred if Man had not first said, "Hold, enough!" Yet Man continues to delve into the unknown, heedless of what He might find.

And, then too, there are those things that crawl out of the night, posing a terrible threat to those of us who walk in sunlight. Those things must be fought, no matter how unprepared we are. The battles may involve many, or they may involve lone champions. This tale is dedicated to the deeds of those who fought alone, in darkened places away from human eyes.

Ill Wind Grips Arkham

Amanda Sharpe's Diary
My supervisor has cut off my scholarship. I couldn't be more furious, but there was nothing to be done about it. I made my way to the Unvisited Isle in reponse to the note that had arrived in my letterbox. I met a nice older man named John Legrasse who told me a number of interesting things... disturbing, but interesting. He also said he'd see me around town. Something is going on.

Darke's Carnival Arrives
Found a few interesting clues in the woods - someone had hung a whole set of carnival masks up, and I don't think it was to advertise the coming of the circus! Also found a box with a horrible severed foot inside it! Probably someone's idea of a joke - I was trembling for ages afterward, but couldn't see anyone about.

Police Step Up Patrols in Northside
Mr Legrasse joined me again and warned me about spiritual activity in the Silver Twilight Lodge. I decided to investigate, and he came with me. I'm glad he did - there certainly was a ghost there. I must apologise to my grandmother the next time I see her. Holy Water banished the ghost, and Legrasse urged me into the dimensional rift beyond.

I wish I hadn't gone. I arrived at the foot of a mountain carved into a great screaming face. I wept for ages, before rushing off into the dark. I'm sure they're out to kill me now.

Blackest Night
I was right. I'd only banished the ghost. It had it in for me. I wish I hadn't listened to that man... I blacked out as it grabbed me.

Campus Security Increased!
Terror at the Train Station!
I woke up in Hibb's Roadhouse, having a cup of coffee with Mr Legrasse. I felt rested, but couldn't remember anything that had happened over the past day or so. Was it real? Legrasse says that it was, but I don't really want to know. As I finished my coffee, something burst in the door and I blacked out again.

Blood Magic
I'm in hospital. Why am I here? The doctors tell me not to worry, but there's something wrong. Very wrong. I have to leave. I will when I have the strength. I can't afford to stay here!

Goat-like Creature Spotted in Woods!
I made my way to the Rivertown streets, where carnival performers capered about me. One beckoned me, and offered to tell my fortune. He cut my hand! It hurts. I learnt something from him, but I don't know what it all means. I'm so weak...

Lodge Member Held For Questioning!
A good night's rest and a meal was what I wanted. I went to Ma's Boarding House, but I couldn't afford anything. That vile harridan wouldn't help me. I'm so tired...

Southside Strangler Suspected
I just had a chat with Professor Armitage at the historical society. It could have gone better, though. At the end, he accused me of not knowing anything because I'm a girl. I didn't have the strength to argue further.

Happy Days are Here Again
I went back to the woods, based on something the Professor said. There, I found a dimensional rift, just as he mentioned. Passing through, I saw the exit on the other side. Racing quickly to it, I found myself back where I started, but I knew the ritual I needed now... chanting it, the gate sealed behind me.

There are terrible things out there. Terrible. I know that something dark is arising in Arkham, and that I'm the one to fix them. I saw John again, and he said he'd help me as much as he could, but I'd be the one to have to face it in the end. I wish I was stronger.

Ghost Ship Docks by Itself!
The professors in the Science Building were very nice - and they knew more than they'd been telling me in the previous two years I'd been a student at the University! I don't quite know what to make of it, but they've given me a new nickname: "Slayer". Funny name for a girl, isn't it?

The Great Ritual
John warned me not to visit the Graveyard, but I had to see for myself. I wish I hadn't gone. I visited another world... but that's all I remember. Everything after I went through is blank!

The Festival
Gangs Clean Up Easttown!
I awoke in the Historical Society. Something bad had happened to me - I had clawmarks down my right arm - but I don't know what. Cindy Fleming, a nice geology student - suggested that we visit the Black Cave together. I appreciated having a friend with me, so I said yes.

I wish I hadn't. Poor Cindy was torn apart in front of my eyes by these monsters... I rushed away, and found myself in a place of giant fungi! I must have passed through a gate and not noticed. Mind you, I found another mask at the foot of a giant stalk; I suspect it is important.

Merchants March On Crime!
I wandered through the wood of giant fungi, and couldn't find the way back. Surely I'm not lost forever?

Estate Sale
I found a severed head that talked to me. For some reason, that didn't bother me. It told me I wouldn't return, but I chose not to believe it. I can get out of this place... just watch me!

Strange Power Flux Plagues City
I got back. Ignore the heads, they tell lies. The gate is closed, but not sealed. I don't have time. There's something to fight; I can feel it coming.

The Man in Black
Father Michael blessed me when I visited the Church. He told me that this day had long been coming, and he'd been expecting me. I guess that makes me feel better.

Slum Murders Continue!
Professor Armitage was gone when I returned to the Historical Society. He left a note to check a book. I'm going to do that next.

Heat Wave
I woke up in the Asylum. The book was horrible - lies about my family. Terrible lies.

At that point, all hell broke loose - literally. I still had my .45 automatic, and I remembered the training my father had given me. As the thing named Nyarlathotep attacked me, I shot it again, and again, and again. I threw the masks I had collected into the air to spoil its aim, and again and again and again I fired. With a terrible scream, it folded in upon itself and was gone.

I feel better now... much more... liberated.

Merric's Notes
I have my copy of Arkham Horror back! Yay! (And Randy has bought one of his own ) I also have a cold, which is denting my literary skills somewhat. Oh well.

The last battle: Fight 4+4 (automatic)-4 (Ny) = 4 dice, with Markmanship
Begin with 3 clues.
Round 1: 2 successes; Round 2: 3 successes; Round 3: 3 successes and lose 1 clue; Round 4: 2 successes and lose 1 clue; Round 5: 1 success and victory. It was a close thing, though.

Poor old Amanda did manage to seal one gate, but was on 1 Sanity and Stamina for most of the game. Having no money was painful. I played this game with just the basic set - the next one will be with all the sets together.

The game was played during the ad-breaks of Supernatural.

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Chris Tandlmayer
United States
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Yay, you're back! Hope your cold gets better!
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