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The U.S.S. Enterprise, the most iconic ship in Star Trek. No need to go into an explanation as to what the ship is. Pretty much everyone knows what she is, her crew, and at least about her. Costing $15, she comes with base/stand, the ship, and 12 upgrades. Is she worth it, or is she better off never leaving drydock?

Here is a picture of what you get thanks to capnginger

Allright, before we go anywhere else, let’s discuss the elephant in the room- this ship is FREAKING SMALL! Seriously. The Miranda-class Reliant, which is about half the size of the Enterprise in the show, is about double the size of it in Attack Wing. It’s embarrassing, and they should have and could have done a much better job on the model. That being said, it is roughly to scale to the ships found in the base game, but unfortunately NOTHING else in the game is to that scale. So it just looks crazy and weird sitting on your table dwarfed by everything else.

Costing 22 points, the Enterprise has 3 attack, 1 evade, 4 hull, and 3 shields. She has a full action bar (evade, scan, target lock, battlestations), a 180 degree firing arc, 1 weapon upgrade and 4 crew upgrades. Additionally, she can perform any ability listed on her action bar if she has an Auxiliary Power token. Her maneuver dial has straights at 1-4 (With 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), turns at 2-3 (with 3 red), and a red backwards 2. The generic loses 1 shield and 2 crew upgrades for 20 points, AKA don’t use it. If you are going to run this ship, run the named version. The Enterprise is a cheap, nice ship. She has decent attack, can survive some, and has a solid but not amazing maneuver dial. Her ability is useful, especially if you love to use the red maneuvers or have some abilities that give Auxiliary Power Tokens, and she is a pretty fun ship to run. While she may not last forever in a fight, let’s be honest- a Galaxy-class starship SHOULD rip her to shreds. She matches her version from the show well, and I am ok with her costing 22 points. She can still be a solid ship to run, and is an amazing support ship. Also, if you run any era games, she stacks up incredibly well against the other ships from her era. I enjoy the Enterprise, and usually at least consider her as a solid support vessel in my games. She has a useful ability, good stats for her cost, and can maneuver pretty well.

There are 2 Captain upgrades in this expansion besides the generic Captain. Captain Kirk costs 6 points and has 2 elite talent slots and 9 skill. Any Federation Elite Talents you purchase are placed facedown next to him and cost 3 points exactly. They are turned face up when you decide to use them. There are ALL sorts of fun things you can do with Kirk, and the options are limitless. He is an amazing Captain, and you can have all sorts of fun with him, though spending 12 points on him to use both his talent slots is a bit of a drain on larger vessels that are closer to the 50 point cap. I enjoy Kirk, and he has all sorts of exciting things you can do with him.

Christopher Pike is the other Captain. He costs 4 points and has 6 skill and makes all of your crew upgrades cost 1 less. This is an amazing ability on a crew heavy ship like the Enterprise, and saving 4 points is huge. That’s essentially another upgrade of some sorts, and he is a great secondary commander. If you can throw an Admiral with him, you can turn him into a flagship commander. I like Pike, and it I want to run a crew heavy ship, he works great with Phlox if you need to worry about a lot of disable actions on your crew. Pike is a solid commander that depends on your build style if you want to run him.

There are 5 crew upgrades in this expansion and they are all familiar faces. Mr. Spock costs 5 points and if you have a scan token next to your ship, you can convert all battlestations tokens into normal hits when you attack. This ability is AMAZING and totally worth the 5 points. If you can combine him with a Captain or ship that lets you take free scan actions (like the Excelsior or Base Game Picard), he is amazing. Mr. Spock definitely works well on a battleship, and you can never go wrong with using him on your main damage dealer since getting additional hits in is amazing. He’s always considered in my Federation fleets, and works incredibly well with base game Geordi.

Montgomery Scott costs 5 points and for an action you can disable 2 of your shields to get +2 attack or repair 1 shield and roll 2 less attack dice. I love his versatility- you can either heal your ship if you don’t have any targets around or are near death, or you can risk it all for a kill or when no one can hit you that round. A bit of a risk, obviously, but you can use Scotty to great advantage to get some more hits in against your opponents. Not an auto-include, Scotty works well on a Federation fleet focused on dealing damage at all costs.

Leonard McCoy costs 3 points and you can discard him to let one of your crew upgrades perform their action as a free action. Situational, McCoy is great for stacking crew actions during your turn but I don’t normally use him. I’d rather save the 3 points for a different crew member, or just run Phlox instead. He is still useful, however, if you run a heavy crew ship and can help you immensely if you have multiple actions available that you want to use.

Hikaru Sulu costs 3 points and as an action for the rest of the round you add 2 to your agility for the rest of the round and each time you defend you can convert a battlestations into an evade. I’m not sure there is a better defensive crew in the game, and adding Sulu to a support ship is amazing. Combine this with the fact that he doesn’t need disabled to use his action, and you can spit it out every turn. Or add him to a flagship captained by Picard from the base game to use his ability and perform another action. The options are limitless, and for 3 points Sulu is a steal. I almost always include him in my Federation fleets as well, or have him in the final pile of cards I want to run.

Nyota Uhura costs 3 points and you can discard her before you move to immediately change your maneuver. A solid ability that can really change the tide of the battle round, Uhura is a great card if you need to maneuver better. However, due to the way the Activation Round works, she works better on a secondary captain so you can have your opponent’s flagship move, then change your maneuver if necessary to stay with your target. Uhura is nice, but situational, and can be included in your fleet if you desire but there are better 3 point crew cards out there (like Sulu!).

There is one weapons upgrade- Photon Torpedoes. 3 points, target lock/disable, range 2-3, 4 attack dice, fire from forward/rear arcs, can convert a battlestations into a critical. Not amazing, but if you need some extra firepower on a 2-attack vessel, you can’t go wrong with these.

There are 3 elite talent upgrades in this expansion. Cheat Death is a 5 point discard when your ship is destroyed to bring you back to life with 1 hull remaining and flip all of your damage cards face down. The options are limitless, and being able to survive is amazing. Cheat Death is great, and a constant threat on Kirk since he can use it for 3 points. This is one of the best elite talents available to the Federation.

Cochrane Deceleration Maneuver is a 5 point action/discard that lets you turn a straight of any number into a comeabout of the same number. You put an auxiliary power token by your ship. There are all sorts of crazy things you can do for this, but I am not a huge fan of 5 point discards so I leave this in the box. Maybe on a battleship that doesn’t have a lot of maneuverability, but I just think this is too pricey for what it does.

The final elite talent is Corbomite Maneuver, which costs 5 points and is an action/discard. No one can attack you this round, but you cannot attack either. This is an interesting upgrade that is very thematic but has no use in the game unless you have to do something very specific for a mission or know that you are going to die this round unless you use this. I leave this in the box as well unless I know I could really use this for a specific scenario.

All in all, the Enterprise has a ton going for it. If nothing else, you should get this ship because of what it is. The model is a disappointment, but the cards are not. There is a ton you can use here, and this expansion really strengthens the Federation and gives you some great options. You should buy this ASAP!

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