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Subject: City of Zombies Variant rss

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Jason Mills
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Being a fan of the excellent maths boardgame "city of zombies" I decided to use my neglected Zombies!! Game to make my own version.

Hold off the zombies for 15 rounds. long enough to get to the chopper and escape

First label 24 zombies with the numbers 1-12 (I used stickers, tape also works) these are your oncoming horde that you have to hold off.
And label 3 extra zombies as follows
1 with an asterisk ( or gunshot) 1 with and arrow and one with a C ( or a picture of a car)
These are event triggers. (Explained later)
Other numbers can be added to increase difficulty like 16,17,19,25,32,35,36 and 42.
Put the zombies in a dice bag

Next Lay four city tiles out create a 6x6 grid make sure the tiles you pick have cars on at least 1 square.
Lay the helipad tile next to the 4 tiles over lapping a seperate city tile to create a 3x5 grid.
Place a survivor on the top left square of the 3x5 grid. This will be your turn marker.
Grab 3 d6 dice

Playing the game.
The game is played in 3 rounds. Each round consisting of actions
First place 6 random zombies in the top row of the 6x6 grid.
Resolve any events.
Roll your 3 dice.
Using a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication come up with numbers that match zombies on the board to kill them.
1 dice per turn may be "powered up" or squared.
You must use all 3 dice.

After you have killed as many zombies as you can move you survivor one space on the 3x5 grid.
All remaining zombies move one square forwards.

Next spawn more zombies by rolling a dice. The number you roll is the number of zombies that spawn.

Roll again to kill more zombies.
Move zombies forward again and respawn. If a zombie can't move straight forward it moves forward to the next empty space.

You win if your survivor makes it to the chopper (15 rounds)
You lose if 6 zombies fill the bottom row.

Event zombies:
If you draw an event zombie from the bag stop spwning zombies and immediately resolve the event.

The gunshot zombie- roll 2 dice. Any zombie on the board with a number lower then the sum of the 2 dice is killed.
The arrow zombie - all zombies on the board advance forward one square.
The car zombie - place a zombie in all squares that contain a car.

And that's it.

Hope u enjoy it

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