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Subject: Can PC promote an offboard politician to People, and viceversa? rss

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Eärendil Ardamirë
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Hi, guys, First post ever.

Well, we have this questions for you. I'll paste some rules first:

The four oldest of the 13 remaining Politicians are displayed in the People box and the remainder are kept offboard beneath the People box displayed in order of their age.

NOTE: Though the ranks of the People start with
four Politicians, it is possible to have more due to
cards or Politicians being rehabilitated from Siberia
or returning from Exile. Politicians not currently in
play (stacked and waiting to enter the ranks of the
People) do NOT count as being at the People's level.
This is important if there are many vacancies in the
Politburo due to death or condemnations.

And in 6:
R2) Promotions/Demotions by Party Chief: Once all
shifts are complete the Party Chief may now
promote or demote anyPolitician. Promoting and
demoting Politicians ages the acting Politician one
year PER action. These promotions and demotions
are limited to one level in either direction.

So, two questions:

1.- Can the Party Chief Promote/Demote a politician to/from People from beneath?
2.- Can he do it if there all already 4 ore more politician in People?

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Mark J
United States
St. Paul
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Ok you brought up the biggest oddity of the new version of Kremlin. It made the people level comprised of only 4 members for all the versions in the new rule book. But it didn't make the "sub-people" group another rank, therefore I would say there is no where beneath "people" to promote/demote to/from. All previous printings of Kremlin didn't have this restriction. They told you to put the 4 oldest in the people box since they would promote automatically if there were vacancies in step 6. However all the remainder were still considered among the people. "People" is the last rank.

So for your questions:

1) Modern Version: I would say no as that "sub-level" isn't defined as a rank. And the 4 oldest must occupy the People rank. The only place that would make sense is if you have more than 4 due to Exile/Rehab then you could have non-oldest politicians in there. Which at that point it would make sense to demote them to the sub-level so the next oldest would automatically fill (actually no because you can't go over 4 in that manner. It would merely be a way to knock them out of the People rank). However I would say that would need to be a house rule. As, again, it's not a rank in the game.

Classic version: No. There is nothing below the People, all off board politicians are among that rank.

2) Modern Version: there's always going to be 4 among the People so he could still do it if you allowed it in your game.

Classic Version: there's always more than 4 among the People until you don't have enough Politicians left to fill it. But either way it's still no, nothing beneath the People.

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T. Dauphin
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Yes, biggest oddity and silliest change! shake
This is an example why.

It seems the purpose was to create an artificial shortage among the People, partly for the SUDDEN DEATH VICTORY! The NOTE quoted by kiryamo follows this paragraph;

SUDDEN DEATH VICTORY!: If the number of
vacancies in the Politburo is greater than the
number of Politicians in the Politburo and
among the People, the game ends immediately.
Whoever controls the highest ranking active
member of the Politburo wins the game.
Once all promotions are complete, make sure
that there are at least four Politicians in the ranks
of the People. If there are fewer than four there,
Politicians are added in Age-order.

It seems the intent was to prevent promotions from filling any vacancies within the 4 People slots. Note that the 'remaining' Politicians are called "Politicians not currently in play (stacked and waiting to enter the ranks of the
People)" (emphasis mine). As such it would seem they are not eligible for manipulation.

So a big NO to your questions.

editorial: As diploguy noted, this nonsense does not exist within the classic or AH/Fata Morgana versions. Play one of those instead. devil

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Eärendil Ardamirë
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Thank you! We'll try and decide.
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