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Subject: Aww crap, you mean I can't roll sanity for that? rss

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E Lewy
United States
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Saturday before last, Gabriel and I went to a boardgaming meetup and played (among other things) our first game of Betrayal. There were five of us: Me, Gabriel, Jesse, Robert, and Gendo. We were the only two who hadn't played before.

Once the game was explained to me, I decided that sanity sounded like a very, very important thing to have, and I took the priest, whose full name I am now not remembering. Missy and Flash were also in play.

Almost at once, unfortunately, Robert's character was shunted down the coal shoot and into the basement, which had no exit. He spent the remainder of the game there, because a staircase was never placed.

Sanity did in fact feature heavily--all three experienced players said that they'd never seen so many sanity rolls in a game. There were piercing shrieks, men spontaneously combusting, and embracing skeletons all around the house. Robert, in the basement, found a frothing madman and took him as a pet while Jesse found a dog.

Our haunt involved Crimson Jack. (Since I don't own the game, I'm not sure what number this is.)

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Crimson Jack is what Eddie Izzard would call a massmurdering fuckhead. Jesse's character, Missy, ended up related to CJ (aww, don't he just sound so harmless when you give him a nickname?) and was the traitor.

OUR MISSION was to kill Crimson Jack or die trying.

Only three weapons, a spear, axe, or knife, could kill him. We were allowed to pick any one to use. First, because whatever weapon we used was cursed, we needed to study it to learn how to use it. That's where I came in. Theoretically.

The weapon first needed to be found, either in the chapel, the library, or one other room. As the character with the most mental stats, I was the obvious choice to try and find and study the weapon. (We chose the spear.) I found it easily, but I was then the prime target of Crimson Jack as well as the traitor character. My two might did NOT hold up, and as soon as I had the spear it was gone again, stolen by Crimson Jack's evil, traitorous relative. This is, by the way, not good.

So about three minutes after we had a plan of action for our haunt, the traitor and the monster were After Me and being the mental powerhouse I was, my might was crap. I was dead in one turn, and got to watch the rest of the game. Without participating, of course. Gabriel died next, leaving just Gendo and Robert to face off against Crimson Jack. It did NOT look good, particularly since the traitor had the item necessary to do in Crimson Jack.

Then there was a turn in the tides of the game. Gendo explored in an attempt to get the mystic elevator, AND GOT IT. Woo. Now he was able to join Robert in the basement and they were able to stand off together against the monsterous Crimson Jack.

Since I had gotten to do absolutely nothing to help with the mental side of the task before the group, there was quite a while where Gabriel and I were stuck watching the two good guys (Gendo and Robert, or Flash and SomeOtherGuy) pass Bane of Crimson Jack between themselves over and over, trying to get enough successes. THEN FINALLY they had succeeded. Because monsters keep coming back stronger in Betrayal, CJ had been trying to get killed all this time... but not with the actual quest object, as that was a one-shot deal and would end the game.

When he finally came back and they had the quest object all sorted out, he had 9s in his physical stats! But he couldn't keep forcing the rolls his way the whole game.. and in fact, the good guys DID actually win the quest. Bwahahaha.

Wish it had been more fun, i.e. less being out of commission. Good game concept, but once you get iced, it sucks.... It can go on for a looooong time.
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