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Movement, using side-slipping to sail in between the 6 allowed directions
. . . . The problem is that ships can really sail in almost any direction and the 5 allowed are not nearly enough. In particular the direction they called “reaching” (sailing directly across the wind) is not an allowed direction. This means 1 of the fastest points of sailing [even for a sq. rigged ship] is one of the slowest directions it can sail in (because it has to make many turns and zig-zag to move in this dir.).
. . . The game can not be a good simulation if the ships can't move at all like the real ships did.

. . . a] Ships can what I call slide-slip. That is it moves sideways 1 hex into the adjacent row of hexes and forward the required half a hex without ever turning. This simulates the ship making a 30 deg. or less turn and sailing for 2 hexes moved (including the required 1 moved ahead) and turning back to the old heading. This is actually slightly slower in inches moved on the map than sailing straight down a row of hexes.
. . . b] This action costs 1 MP. The ship still faces the same dir.
. . . c] A ship may not make 2 side-slips using 2 consecutive MPs, it must move 1 between the side-slips.

. . . d] If this action causes a collision with another ship that is parallel with the moving ship there is no damage but they may be fouled. However the moving ship doesn't enter the other ship's hexes either.

. . . e] If the ship is facing in dir. C, then it can't do this on the up-wind side. If it is fore & aft rigged, then a vessel can side-slip upwind 1 game-turn out of 3 or with Full sails 1 game-turn out of 2.
. . . f] If the ship is facing in dirs. A & B it can side-slip on either side. When facing in dir. A it can side-slip up wind once for each 2 MP used [1 ahead & 1 to slip] and so long as it has 1 rigging sec. left it can side-slip upwind at least once out of 2 game-turns. In this case it would then have to move ahead in dir. A with its next MP. However, only ships with a speed of 4 or 6 can use this ability to its fullest.

. . . g] Ships with turn class 1 must move ahead 1 after a side-slip before they can make a turn. In this case after it turns all ships must move 1 before it can side-slip on the new heading.
. . . h] A ship in turn classes 2 & 3 can turn right after a side-slip but may not turn in the direction opposite to the direction in which it side-slipped using its last/previous MP expended. And vise-versa. In this case after it turns all ships must move 1 before it can side-slip on the new heading.

. . . i] Optional, if a ship used its last MP to make a side-slip its FoF is shifted 30 deg toward their stern or bow to reflect the actual direction the ship would be facing. The ship is not really turned, only the FoF is effected. Hexes split in half by this are in the FoF on the bow side but not on the stern side.

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