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Subject: Variant for quicker turns rss

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Sotojw4 Sotojw4
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Variant for quicker turns

My wife enjoys this game but immediately grew impatient about the extra step in converting goods before we are allowed to spend them. I took a plunge on this vs. imperial settlers due to the quicker play time and "race" to win aspects of the game. Plus didn't like the individual faction decks and thought the single deck would be more enjoyable. If only I knew my wife would hate this added conversion step that appears be one difference between the two games! Anyways, with my desire to keep this game, we compromised on some rule changes. Below is what we came up with.

One disclaimer is that we have played the game 4 times so far. (3 winter , 1 new era). So not sure if we have seen all the mechanisms. The other would be that we have only played 2 players and unsure how would work with higher counts. I would love some feedback on what you think. The changes below make things quicker overall and didn't seem to affect the gameplay or balance too much. Overall made the experience for us more enjoyable. Pro Tip: A happy wife is a good life.

Pardon if I got any terminology off. Writing this late in bed and no access to rule book terms! I will edit it later.

1. Faction board actions - when converting resources you are allowed to spend the converted contact tokens right away. Only allowed one deal, building, or raze. You are allowed to take the action of the card built if you have the funds.
- Shouldn't affect the game too much since you can only use each faction action once. So would only be able to compound actions, to gain "extra" actions, three times in one round. Would also help Texas out since they feel weaker due to their poor conversion ratios, they would able to a fourth time.
- This change allows for more planning and really have to think about your resources and when you should convert to gain an extra turn.

The only limitations I foresee is that:
- It would prevent another player from razing the new location and prevent you from gain the benefits of the action. This can be remedied by the next change below. See change #2
- Also one caveat with this would be. You are not allowed to place a shield on the newly built card that you created with said "extra" turns. If you do place a shield you cannot execute the action until next turn.

2. When building an action card, you are allowed to go ahead and take the action if possible. (If someone else has the funds to raze and chooses to do so before it comes around to your turn again, it will negate the actions and the builder gets the resources back.)
- Razing seems to be a rare thing anyways and so also would be rare to execute the "take backsies." Most times the other player doesn't have the raze tokens needed following you building something.

3. Connection cards when purchased can be converted right away. If you choose to hold it, you are allowed to play it on another turn and use the contact tokens right away. You are only allowed one deal or raze if you do that. Wisest thing would be hold it and play it when you want to. Spices up the razing and makes it less predictable, use those shields!

4. Clean up and production phases can be started after you pass. You gather all your produced goods except the cards and then after everyone is ready draw the produced cards in turn. Then proceed to the lookout phase.
- This shouldn't affect anything since after you pass no one can interact with your buildings anyways.

Let me know what you think!
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Hello Sotojw4,

good to see that i am not the only one with the feeling that the game is stuttiring its way to the end. It is a good game and i like that i dont feel pressed by my own Factioncards(which i like too sometimes).

But i would say what you doing is connecting 2-4 turns (with 2 players) combined in 1 Go. Seems nice if all agree and play with it.

But for me, i had an accident to make the game very fast and generous with resources.

We played it like that: You could do your faction action always and without a limited number because the german overview sheet didnt mentioned it and it was overread in the rulebook.

So for me i have 3 possible ways to play this game besides the normal rules:

1. (like yours) You can play the action for the corresponding trade.
Good: You dont feel like wasting time and whole round to each other.
Bad: You cannot react to others actions and sometimes you cannot see it coming when a Attack is forming on a players Faction Board. (e.g. i take a red contact card and then trade a gun and attack you).

2. (this is more like imperial settlers) You can always add the latest Faction Board Action ("Change 2 Workers into a Resource or a Card") to other actions. That way you can make trade faster or an action.

3. You can trade as much resources as possible with 1 trade (limited to once per round). This is the weaker version of my accident but still
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