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Subject: Playing cards one by one and Free action during movement rss

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Corrado Negri
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Hello everybody,
I would like to ask some clarifications about the gameflow:

1. Do I have to show and declare all the cards that I want to play in that turn at the beginning of the "playing cards" phase, or can I play them one by one?

2. Is it allowed to use the free action during the "movement" phase, taking some steps before the free action and using the last steps remaining after that action?
Let's make an example: after I've played all the cards, my Acolyte is on a footbridge. At the beginning of the "movement" phase I have 4 movement points. I use 2 of them to move onto another footbridge, clearing the first one in order to rotate it with the free action (action that couldn't be performed if my Acolyte was on that footbridge). The rotated footbridge now is on a useful position I want to move into, using the last 2 movement points. Is that allowed?

3. The rule states that the free action can be taken "after/before swapping or playing cards and so on". It seems it is implied that the free action can be taken before or after a phase, but not during that phase.
Let's make an example: I play and resolve a card, I use my free action, and then I play another card. Is that allowed? Or do I have to use the action before/after playing all the cards?

4. A personal note: it seems that the wildcard "move OR rotate" is not well balanced. With a cost of 3 Action Points, I can move by 1 square OR rotate by 90° or 180°.
Normally, a shift of 1 square costs 1 AP and a rotation costs 2 AP. With the wildcard, the move action is costing +2 compared to the normal move, while a rotation costs only +1. Rotating a piece of 180° produces much more shift than a shift of a single square, and that's the reason (I presume) the "rotas" cards cost 2/4 AP.
My suggestion is to fix it in this way: if I choose "movet", it costs 2 AP, if I choose "rotas", it costs 4 AP. Or, with a cost of 3 AP I can shift 2 squares (where 3 AP are the regular 2 + a tax of 1 because of the wildcard) or rotate the piece by 90°/180° (for the same reason as above).

5. Can someone link or post in the game files the corrected player aid cards? The link cited in the Official FAQ I've downloaded from BGG is not working anymore (

Thanks for your kind replies
Best regards
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chris schott
United States
saint louis
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1. Play them one by one.

2. Use your free action at anytime during your turn.

3. Use your free action at anytime during your turn.

4. I think the game is well thought out and I wouldn't change the cards.
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