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This expansion just didn't work for me. It provided even more luck and more chaos. I can't say I was a huge fan of it. The governor adds more chaos and goes around shooting walkers and people, which I guess sort of works. The new location of Woodbury is a great place to hang out until you get shot at the end of the round. It is a quick place to die for sure.

Overall, I felt like this expansion has potential, but when added to the game it just didn't work. If I was going to play the base game, I don't believe I would add in this expansion. I prefer to play without it. The rules were a mess and I wasn't sure I played everything right.

The game is hard (depending on lucky draws and rolls) and this makes it harder. I am not sure the game needed to be harder. This is a miss for me and this expansion (while cool as a theme and license) actually made me like the base game less. Stick without this even though you will be tempted to add it.



The components are fine. You get two Governors (one is upgraded), some chits and a deck of cards. Everything is fine. I would have liked to see more Woodbury event cards. Everything is fine and works into the base game perfectly.

Rule Book:

The rules are a mess. Disorganized and not really clear. If you are going to add more sections in a turn you have to show us a new turn order with the new actions. I'm not even sure I played this expansion right. Total miss.

Flow of the Game:

This game really adds two things:

1. Governor: He moves around and shoots walkers and survivors (you).

2. Woodbury (as a location): This includes a deck of cards that if you can draw all the cards you win the game. The trick here is that the Woodbury location (residents) will shoot you at the end of every round!

Should I buy this game?:

This is for big fans of the Walking Dead and the Best Defense. I found this expansion to not be needed and to add just more chaos. I liked the story it told, but it just didn't work and I can't recommend it.


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