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Brendan Slade
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This special guestbox comes with four new characters to play with.

Thrud the Barbarian
-Thrud is a massively oversized guy with an enormous axe. He comes with his own oversized orange base.

His base ability is that he can use a number of dice equal to the number of enemies on the tile. In the first few rounds this won't make much of an impact but later in the game when you get 20+ miniatures on the square having Thrud wade in and roll 20x dice killing on 4's as his first action can be very effective. Combined with his other abilities this guy can burn and butcher.

However don't send him off alone. As he kills more zombies he will get less attacks which means he will often not be able to kill every single zombie on a tile. He can kill 97/100 zombies and then the other 3 zombies will kill him.

Plus he can also get super strength allowing him to kill many abominations all in the one go.

Overall he is definitely a lot more powerful than the base heroes.

Like Thrud Blackcurrant is huge but a lot better looking. I like the backstory that this guy is actually a bit of a jerk but with most of civilisation gone he is forced to team up with the good guys. I can easily imagine a whole story there.

Blackcurrant's base ability is the coveted +1 damage in melee. When playing the base game you may remember how hard it is for Samson to reach red and get this as the only way to kill abominations well now you can start off with it.

Often I have found though that Blackcurrant seems to struggle when facing more opponents though as his ability is only good against abominations and there aren't many of them.

Persephone is a girl with a big sword who goes for the sort of heavy armour while showing off her body approach.

Her base ability is +1 to dice rolls which I think is a lot more balanced then the other two. When combined with any melee weapon with multiple dice she is a pretty reliable fighter. Just make sure you search until you find a great weapon. She can carry a bastard sword on her body slot so if I can grab one I often then give her some enchantments or a bow.

A bit of an odd name. The miniature looks awesome. He works as a necromancer that always brings an abomination with him. Depending on how the game is going I may or may not include multiple abominations or let a current abomination move again.

I already have a lot of different miniatures I could use as Necromancers from my Warhammer Vampire Counts so didn't really need to add him I think.

Overall I think the 3 heroes are a solid choice if you have been finding the game hard and want to make it a bit easier. Thrud is excellent for killing large numbers of Zombies, Blackcurrant is great for killing abominations and Persephone is reliable in finishing off stragglers.

It should be noted adding 3 combat characters can skew the ratio of your heroes to be very melee focused.

Also if you like other characters better then there is not much point buying this set as you can only use 6-10 characters at the same time.
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Peter Cooper
United Kingdom
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Mage Wars: Beastmaster's Pet
Vladvonbounce wrote:

A bit of an odd name.

Tommy Cooper means something in Britain!
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