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Subject: Mystery Mansion Unofficial Expansions: Sidekicks & Ghosts and Demons rss

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Case Zambelli
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*You will need to buy additional pawns that are preferably smaller and same color as original pawns. You will also want 4 white and 4 black pawns. Up to 4 teams of 2.

Sidekicks (must build mansion before game start.)
A. They are the smaller, corresponding color token. When the Sidekicks extension is used, teammates can see each others cards and use each others search and clue cards. Sidekicks start at each team's desired location inside a pre-made mansion, after the search cards are handed out. Main players (original pawns) start outside the mansion per usual. Treat each Sidekick as an additional player, requiring the same 3 actions as everyone else. They will go after their main player teammate. The sidekick will play just as a regular player would, with a few exceptions:
- They are unable to take a treasure out of a house - the main player must come to the room they are at first, and then the main player will proceed to take the treasure out. Note that sidekicks are able to move around the house with the treasure and proceed to continue to use each others search and clue cards.
- They are immune to steal a treasure card.
- You will cannot steal cards from a teammate.

Ghosts and Demons
A. Every time a player draws a cobweb card, a Ghost (white pawn) appears in their room and remains there. That player is then scared back to the foyer. All other playser are scared over two connecting rooms, in any direction. This happens until there are 4 ghosts. At this point, Ghosts will be placed on top of any secret passages in the room they are in, blocking the secret passage in and out of that room. Cobwebs will then go back to their normal use.
B. If an "Oops you've been Waylaid" card is drawn, that person is sent to the closest room that is occupied by a Ghost. If there is no ghost on the board, the card is used as normal.

B. A Demon (black pawn) will be summoned if:
- The first player to take a treasure chest out reveals cobwebs in the chest. That player must skip 2 turns in a row. A sidekick can still use the team's cards to keep moving around with or without a treasure chest. This 1st Demon is then placed inside a basement room by the player that summoned it - if there is a Ghost in a Basement room, the Demon must go in that room - scaring the Ghost off to a room with an unblocked secret passage, then blocking it. The Demon stays in that room. Players are immune to clue cards while in this room - but they cannot use them either, while in this room.
- If a player receives the key numbered 6, that person must then dispose of all of their clue cards that are not a key card. They must also replace all of their search cards with new ones. This 2nd Demon appears in that room and stays there. Players are immune to clue cards while in this room - but they cannot use them either, while in this room.
- If the second player to take a treasure chest outside of the house reveals cobwebs in it, the 3rd Demon will then be placed alongside the player, wherever they go, forcing them to roll for themselves, and the demon. Example: 1 action equals 1 open roll for player and 1 open roll for Demon. It would take 6 opens to move across 3 rooms / use 3 actions. Or, the player can also sacrifice any and all clue cards to the pile, and replace all search cards to remove the Demon off of themselves. They would also have to skip 3 turns. In this case, that Demon would then go to a basement room, repeating the steps mentioned above.
- If a third chest opens with no treasure, the 4th Demon appears. The 4th Demon is then placed in the 2nd level room, named The Study Room. All players, including Sidekicks will move to the 4th Demon in the Study Room. Each person will then take a turn rolling the action dice. Every person must roll an open 4 times in a row in this mini-elimination game! The game keeps going until there is 1 person left. They must roll 4 more times - 1 locked roll on the last turn means the last player alive died . . .and no one wins!

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