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Subject: Heroes: strategic analysis rss

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Thibaud Dejardin
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Pros and cons:

thumbsup Good numeric cards with excellent symbol variety
thumbsup Elvish dagger card can stay in hand a long time, offering good attack capacities
thumbsup Best mobility with diagonal teleport "at will" and one-time free teleport. It makes her a good choice to tresor hunting
thumbsup 2 Strong area of effects (at range)
thumbsup Excellent range
thumbsup Grand Theatre allow to control ennemies and lure summoners

thumbsdown Low stats (0 offense)
thumbsdown Hard rule Diva makes things really hard for her
thumbsdown Low heath, making her a target for ennemies

Comment: Eliza works really well by herself but may burn through her cards really quickly, and lack defense, far from her teamates. She is also unable to kill 2-3 HP ennemies in one blow.

Uses: She's best at cleaning small insectoïds with AoE, chasing early acolyte flee and hunt treasures.

She definetly benefit of a bag if she can find/afford one. She is an excellent treasure hunter, and it is really good to have one more card in hand. A defensive cloak ùight save her life, too.
Victim hero cards are not really required here: not only does it dilute a little her good deck, but she already had good numerical cards.

Association: A suport character (Olazabal and Simma), a Fast charactr to follow her (Simma or Niffil), a Tank (Bastian, Neshilim), a Healer (Simma, Olazabal).


Pros and cons:

thumbsup Best starting AP
thumbsup Catnap allows him to rest with none of its drawbacks (he can move with the special action, and aid with the cards just draws, because he is not on the rest spoke)
thumbsup Good situational cards

thumbsdown Small health and wounds impact his APs
thumbsdown A lot of situational cards that may clog his hand, especially if he's alone with no-one to aid (to discard his cards)
thumbsdown Not a lot of numerical cards, they are often random (response card), and are situational (a lot of move cards)
thumbsdown He is a range character, meaning he has not access to the better "bash" action, while is range is not exceptional.
thumbsdown His only way to inflict 2 wounds at once (backstab) needs another hero and make his atack really tricky

Niffil is a tricky hero to use. He is fast and versatile with all his AP, and you might be tempted to send him alone, but he really needs to stay near other heroes because he may get cards needing to be discarded by aiding, and he is fragil. If wounded, he becomes really weaker. He is good to open a march (opening doors).

First to walk, he won't slow others. He will open everything in the path and can go scouting and hunting early Acolytes.

Victim cards in his deck makes him more reliable.

Association: With a support (Olazabal, Simma) or another fast hero (Simma, Eliza)


Pros and cons:

thumbsup Best stats of the heroes
thumbsup Good AP
thumbsup A lot of Health points
thumbsup Most numerical card with all symbols
thumbsup His special allow him to strike multiple times, but unfortunately not the same target twice
thumbsup With Bash, Quick Strike allow him to wound up to 3 times the same ennemy

thumbsdown Range 1 only makes him difficult to strike the many range 2 ennemies
thumbsdown Not really good at aiding
thumbsdown Low hand size
thumbsdown 3 cards "draw one" may make him exhaust his deck more quickly than others

Comment: Bastian is an awesome hero, and a newbie favourite. He really doesn't have a lot of weaknesses.

Uses: As a Tank and a damage dealer. He can hold the line a really long time as long as he has backup. His big AP makes him good at everything, especially with his good numerical cards.

His role being often to tank damages, any armor will be a great addition.

The blessing token from Neshilim is awesome on him. Any support hero will help him nicely (Olazabal, Simma, NEshilim). Aisha can make him huge, allowing him to bash big ennemies and block the way on 4 squares. With any Damage Dealer (Eliza, Niffil, Neshilim) to compensate his range.


Pros and cons:

thumbsup Good overall stats
thumbsup Good AP
thumbsup Good Health
thumbsup 2 prayers that worth a lot. That can help kill an ennemy or defend a hero against it at any range.
thumbsup Lots of numerical cards. The value are average, but they have a lot of symbols.
thumbsup Range 3 melee makes it an excellent basher!
thumbsup Godlike special ability against Chi'leen
thumbsup Eagle eye makes it a good support in narrow corridors

thumbsdown Not excellent at anything
thumbsdown His Hard rule make it unable to be aided by best supports (Olazabal and Simma)
thumbsdown Everything he does, someone does it better

Comment: Neshilim is an incredible well rounded character. He has no real weakness, but he has not a real strength either. Even if he has a lot of thumbsup and only few thumbsdown, you will not always want to include him in your team, because any role he can be fitting can be better done by another hero.
On the field, his best features are his long range for a melee character, his prayers, and his numerical cards, even if those are quite low numbers.

Uses: He is a must take for Chi'leen heavy scenarios. He can support (numerical cards and prayers), fight (strength, range and cards), and tank.

Improvement: High numerical cards (victim) can be good on him, even if other heroes need them more. Also, offensive stuff on this melee character can really make him a threat at 3 squares away.

With Bastian for supporting him, his bless token and his Eagle Eye.
With any team for his "jack of all trades".
In a really small team with anyone but priests (in hard mode).


Pros and cons:

thumbsup Good starting stats
thumbsup Good health and strength going up when wounded
thumbsup Berzerk rage
thumbsup Range 2 is nice for a melee

thumbsdown Relatively low AP (especially with one wound)
thumbsdown Small hand size
thumbsdown CANT BE AIDED!
thumbsdown Can's be aided. Seriously!
thumbsdown Only two cards for AP and move boost
thumbsdown Only 6/13 numerical cards, one of them being one-use. 4 of those cards only have the fight symbol
:thumsbdown: A lot of situational cards really hard to use effectively and can clog your hands. Speed bash is a good example: excellent in theory, it is really hard to get those 4 squares of move

Comment: Tyra seems incredibly powerful at first but she is so hard to use effectively! It's temptating to let her take a few wounds to get this awesome strength, but then, you are limited to 3 AP per turn, no way to improve your movement ability, and any difficult terrain becomes an impossible task to move in.
Her biggest drawback is the fact no-one can aid her, associated with the few numerical cards in her deck, containing only one symbol. That can make her a real slug. Even at melee, she is often left without any numerical card, and her 4 strengths do little against shield 2 ennemies, especially during all her "charge", where AP can't boost the attack.

The best way to use her is tricky as hell. She must be in the right place to act, then take a wound or 3, then it is kill time. But when she has finished, she'll have to be healed to be able to leave the battleground.

Uses: Tyra is a melee monster. It must be used in scenario where mobility is less important than fighting hard. Always have someone near her to make her able to discard her situational useless cards.

Improvement: If you plan to play Tyra effectively, don't hesitate to give her the victims to rescue. Some numerical cards in her deck can really make her effective. Any source of AP is also welcome. Tyra with mercury boots is another beast for example. An item to improve physical can be a good idea, too, because that allow you to not need her to be wounded prior to be berserk. Carrying a healing potion might usually be a good idea, too.

Must be with Mog'Bagh for healing all the fatigue tokens (monster mash and berzerk give both one). She needs a big healer (Olazabal especially, Simma) to regain her precious AP after the carnage.


Pros and cons:

thumbsup "Practical" is awesome and makes situational card always usefull (they are all "aid 2")
thumbsup Correct health that can be healed
thumbsup Wall of stone is an awesome way to control the crowd
thumbsup Experimental device allow a big aid at longest range
thumbsup Can always heal multiple health points
thumbsup Has some physical punch (can bash, has 2 offensive cards, and strength 3 when healed) and range 2
thumbsup 3 active slots

thumbsdown Low AP
thumbsdown Not a lot of powerful numerical cards for herself

Comment: Olazabal is a really usefull support character in all situations. Her only real drawback is her sluggyness, which may give her a tough time to follow faster heroes.

Uses: To support, to use her walls of stone, and sporadically to land a strong hit on an ennemy (bashing it into a wall or using its saw). Olazabal uses a lot the slots allowing her to draw a card.

Improvement: She doesn't need it really, but anything giving her more AP/move capacity will be welcome.

Behind Bastian, it makes an unbreakable wall (when she rests, Bastian defend and/or uses his numerical cards, and the rest of the time, Bastian uses the aids). She is as effective with all heroes except Tyra (effectively) and Neshilim (in hard).


Pros and cons:

thumbsup High AP
thumbsup Good numerical cards with all symbols
thumbsup 1 Prayer and one true command
thumbsup Only hero to heal wound cards
thumbsup Long range
thumbsup 3 active slots
thumbsup Haste is awesome
thumbsup Bannish is really strong and can damage many ennemies
thumbsup Can start with a strong equipment

thumbsdown LOW Health
thumbsdown Low stats
thumbsdown Her healing spells are not always usefull and stay uselessely in the hand
thumbsdown Banish useless against Chi'leens

Comment: Simma is unvaluable for his ability to heal wound cards. His 7 base AP makes him fast and able to follow Niffil or Eliza. It is a decent support, and can land a blow at long range. Against weaker ennemies, bannish can pack a lot of punch. The low health points make him the target of all summoners, so he should stay near friends.

Uses: As a support for faster characters, a long range hitter, and a treasure hunter or victim rescuer. It is not advised to let him rush for an early Acolyte if there are summoners around.

Improvement: Protective items can be really usefull because he is often the weakest hero and on a bad draw, Summoners can kill him quickly.

Association: Can follow faster heroes (Niffil, Eliza). Aisha enlarge make bannish effective against Chi'leen.


Pros and cons:

thumbsup Decent base defense against range ennemies
thumbsup Two teleport abilities may be really usefull (not as strong as Eliza, however)
thumbsup Death mask is wonderful, it can kill one/multiple
thumbsup 6 hand size
thumbsup Many ways to control the crowd. Circle of weakness is strong (and doesn't need LoS),
thumbsup A lot of interesting but situational cards
thumbsup Ability to heal fatigue tokens
thumbsup Only hero being able to resurect

thumbsdown Low stats
thumbsdown Low number of numerical cards (only 3)
thumbsdown Range 1
thumbsdown Fragile (Low HP)

Comment: Mogba'gh can be a game changer if used well, but is hard to master. He uses a lot of tricks that can deal a lot of wounds (hypnotic gaze in dangerous terrain or to help gather ennemies for AoE, death mask, shark bite, circle of weakness) but they can fail if not used or timed well.

Uses: Mogba'gh is excellent at protecting a support and dealing with 3 health ennemies.

Improvement: A little protection is welcome. Only +1 makes him able to usually resist Str 2 Guards.

Association: With a support character (Olazabal, Neshilim, Simma)


Pros and cons:

thumbsup Endure wounds well
thumbsup Many "draw cards" may exhaust her deck quickly
thumbsup She can lower the threat level. Going from 3 to 2 threat level is awesome
thumbsup Her "immunity" to cultists make it easier to place her well (next to a tank)
thumbsup Good situational cards (enlarge, fog, rite of exchange)

thumbsdown Low AP
thumbsdown Almost no numerical cards in her deck
thumbsdown A lot of cards are random. They work... or not. And you can even get fatigue tokens
thumbsdown Some very situational (and not excellent) cards hard to play effectively (rite of power, rat route...)

Comment: Aisha is really hard to use well and can be frustrating as hell when one of her important spells fail. Her low AP and inevitable fatigue token combined with no numerical cards limit her action choices and her movements.

Uses: Aisha is best in scenarios with fewer insectoïds. For example against Summoners, she can go as close as needed, as long as they have LoS on another hero.

Improvement: Some strong numerical cards in her deck can help to make her more effective at killing things. An offensive weapon can make her a decent damage dealer, too. So, when she uses a Special spell like Charm, even if she fails, she can still attack with blood rite.

Association: Mogba'gh might be handy to help with all those fatigue tokens she takes and gives. To be effective, she needs a support (Olazabal, Neshilim, Simma). Her enlarge spell is usefull for others to push Chi'leens.
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Timo Multamäki
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I think article should be kept somehow "sticky" as almost everyone who are new to PM:AR should read it. Even though I don't agree with 100% of the assessment here, I think that the 95% where I do agree would be a good start... and then it's more opinionate.

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