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The Kronos One, flagship of the Klingon Empire. Attacked by Chang while attempting to blame the Enterprise and start a war instead of a peace conference, The Kronos One didn’t have an illustrious life on screen. She was boarded, the Chancellor assassinated, and left adrift. An upgraded D7 battlecruiser, the Kronos One is a K’t’inga class vessel. Costing $15 and coming with a base/stand, ship, and 8 upgrades, is she worth it or is she better left adrift in space?

Here is a picture of what you get thanks to gladpanda

Ok, let’s get this out of the way right now. Though the K’t’inga class vessel is an upgraded D7 class, Wizkids uses the same mold as the D7 for this ship. There are slight differences between the ships, but just wanted to mention that. The biggest issue is that the sideways bridge on the Gr’oth sculpt wasn’t fixed for the Kronos One. They also have a different paint scheme, but that is where the differences are. Kronos One comes in at 24 points and has 4 attack, 1 evade, 4 hull, and 3 shields, a 90 degree forward and rear firing arc, and a partial action bar with scan, evade, target lock, and cloak/sensor echo. She has 2 weapons and 2 crew upgrade slots, and the named ability that any ship attacking you at range 3 rolls 1 less die. It has the same maneuver dial as the Bird of Prey with straights at 1-4 (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), turns at 2-3 (with 3 red), and a red 3 comeabout. The generic loses 1 shield and 1 crew upgrade for 22 points. All in all, the Kronos One is unimpressive. It has 4 attack, which is great, but the rest of the ship is fragile. It lacks enough health to make it a frontline vessel, costs too much to be a swarm ship, and doesn’t have enough ability to turn to be much use in combat. The Bird of Prey’s usually have some built in ability to help them maneuver when cloaked, while the K’t’inga doesn’t. The one advantage the K’t’inga has over the D7’s is that it can cloak. I’d still rather run a swarm fleet of D7’s or B’rel’s over the K’t’inga, though a fleet of 1 K’t’inga and 3 B’rels for 90 points leaves you with 40 points of upgrades to mess around with. The worst part about the Kronos One is how lame its ability is. This is the FLAGSHIP OF THE KLINGON EMPIRE and it wants to stay at range 3? Heck, the freaking Reliant gets a bonus at range 1, why not throw the Klingons a bone here? They are all about the glorious combat charge, not sitting and snipping at your opponents. Also, most of the combat in the game takes place at range 1-2 anyways, so not only is the ability not very thematic it also it pretty useless. All in all the K’t’inga is a ship that wants to be a support vessel, but is overpowered by the Vorcha class, and wants to be a frontline vessel in period games with D7’s and Bird of Preys, but is overshadowed by the Bird of Prey. It turns like a boat and doesn’t have enough options in upgrades to change it. I don’t use the K’t’inga unless I am doing a period game, in which case I may run it as a damage soak.

There are 2 captains besides the generic in this expansion. Chang is a 6 skill/4 cost captain with an elite talent slot. As an action, you can spend your target lock to disable the captain on the locked ship. For 2 actions, you can disable their captain, which can be cleared using 1 action. Sure, disabling a captain at the right moment is handy, but Chang from Chang’s Bird of Prey is a MUCH better captain. He gives you extra movement options, while this one is an action hog. PASS.

Gorkon is the other captain with 5 skill/3 cost. For an action, you can disable him to force you and every ship that attacks you this round to roll 2 less attack dice. Since this only really works if you are the last ship left in your fleet, and can only be used every other round since you have to disable Gorkon, AND you get to fire last in the round that you use this, this ability is a PASS. Unless your opponent only has a 2 or 3 attack dice ship left, this is not a really great ability. I was hoping for better from the Chancellor of the Empire!

There are 2 crew upgrades in this expansion. Kerla costs 2 points and when defending against a ship at range 1 you can convert a battlestations into an evade result. Not an outstanding ability, but since many Klingon ships lack the ability to convert battlestations into anything, she works. She also works well with the Klingon mentality of get close, fire, and fire again until someone dies, so she sees some play in my fleets. Not an amazing card, but not a bad card either.

Stex is the other crew member costing 2 points. If an enemy crew upgrade would cause you to disable/discard one of your upgrades, roll 2 defense die. If you roll at least 1 evade result, ignore the effects of the enemy upgrade. Not a bad crew member, if you have a ship with stuff that you want to protect and know your opponent is bringing a bunch of crew upgrades to mess with him, go for it. A bit restricted since he only works against crew upgrades, he still isn’t bad for the cost. Situational, but not bad.

There are 2 weapons upgrade in this expansion. Photon Torpedoes (disable version) don’t need to be talked about. Take the time token version if you want them. Concussive Charges costs 4 points for a 4 attack/range 2-3 weapon. You have to spend your target lock and disable this card to use this attack. For every uncancelled hit/crit, you remove 1 token from your opponents ship and place it in their play area (IE scan, target lock, etc). You can also remove special tokens like cloaked, or Borg Tractor Beam, etc. If you know your opponent is going to be trying to get a crazy combo going, this isn’t a bad card to run since it can mess up with their plans, but I prefer to just shoot things instead. Situational depending on what you are fighting against, but this mostly stays in the box for me.

There is one elite talent in this expansion. One More Unto the Breach is a 5 point action/discard that lets you attack with your primary weapon twice (at the same target or different) this round at -1 attack die for each attack. You cannot roll any defense dice this round. Since most Klingon vessels only have 1 defense when not cloaked anyways, that is not a huge deal. Get your ship at range 1 and you can pummel someone twice, which is huge. This is a great Elite Talent for the Klingons, and absolutely fits their aggressive nature. It’s also great fun to yell out ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH. OPEN FIRE! during gameplay and pummel your opponent as you plaster them at range 1. Besides showing the love the Klingons have for Shakespeare, this is a great elite talent that I at least consider in all of my Klingon fleets.

All in all, the Kronos One is a meh pack. It has one great card- Once More Unto the Breach!, a few situational (Concussive Charges, Kerla, Stex) and some meh (Photons, both captains). The ship itself is also meh with a middling ability that doesn’t fit the persona of the Klingon Chancellor, unimpressive stats and maneuver dial, and just doesn’t really have a place in the Klingon fleet. It isn’t a swarm vessel, it isn’t a support vessel, and it is too fragile to be a frontline vessel, so it just doesn’t work. I’d rather run 2 B’rels instead of spending the points to make 1 K’t’inga last. Still, this pack is incredibly thematic, and I recommend getting it for Once More Unto the Breach alone since this will make your Klingon vessels quite deadly!

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