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Jared Stiefel
United States
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In January, Jared, the medic, and Paige, the scientist, beat the diseases early. The medic got a scar in the Bangkok outbreak. Another outbreak occurred in Istanbul. The Red virus mutated into COdA, an incurable infection. A permanent research station was built in Hong Kong. Yellow had a positive mutation.

In February, Paige and Molly, the Quarantine Specialist, became rivals. The diseases were cured early and yellow and black were eradicated. Black and Yellow had positive mutations.

In March, The diseases were cured early and Blue was eradicated. Blue had 2 positive mutations

In April, the "faded" began appearing in Shanghai (City Zero). Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco and Sydney all fell to the faded virus. Tokyo, Shanghai, Essen and Chicago all suffered outbreaks. Yellow and black were eradicated and yellow had 2 positive mutations.

In early May, Molly and Noah, the operations expert and Molly’s brother, were able to cure all 3 diseases but were unable to complete any more objectives before outbreaks ruined the world. Outbreaks occurred in Istanbul, Cairo (twice), Kinshasa, Lima, Santiago, Taipei and Beijing. Permanent military bases were added in Paris and Kolkata

In late May, Molly and Noah again stumbled with outbreaks (Osaka (twice), Taipei (twice), Shanghai, Hong Kong (twice) and Buenos Aires). The permanent research station in Hong Kong is destroyed. Permanent military bases were added in Tokyo and Atlanta

In June, Paige and Colonel Gaby have entered the world stage. They are rivals. They quickly eradicated yellow. The Colonel kept the faded population under control and built several roadblocks. Paige cured all the other curable diseases. They knew their rivalry, helped by a quarantining funded event, would fuel them to setup quarantines all over the faded zone. They equipped quite a few items with the spare time. An outbreak occurred outside of the faded zone in Milan. Paige became a veteran and set up 3 permanent road blocks in the faded zone.

In July, Paige and Colonel Gaby began with a meeting in Atlanta. They quickly eradicated the Black virus after Paige discovered the cure. Gaby found the virologist in a newly constructed research station in Tokyo. Sadly, the station was not maintained after July. Paige cured the Blue virus, which was also quickly eradicated. With time running out on the month (1 card remaining in the player draw stack), Paige was able to cure Yellow, using an equipped Red city. Gaby gained a paramilitary escort. The black virus had a positive mutation.

In early August, a permanent military base was erected in Sao Paolo. The world now has a permanent military base in 5 of 6 regions. (Atlanta, Tokyo, Paris, Sao Paolo and Kolkata). The immunologist alluded the duo one turn before being found. Six outbreaks occurred. (Chennai, Montreal, Delhi, Cairo, St. Petersburg and Baghdad). Gaby took a scar. All the diseases were cured, but time ran out before any other objectives were met. Unfunded events were added to the game (Airstrike and Tactical Centers.

In late August, a permanent military base was erected in Cairo. Paige and Colonel Gaby began with a meeting in Atlanta. The military base objective was automatically completed. Gaby found the Immunologist. Four outbreaks occurred in Milan, Moscow, Bogota and Mexico City. Paige cured the three diseases. The pair added two unfunded events: Grassroots Program and Experimental Program.

In September, Paige and Colonel Gaby began with a meeting in Atlanta. Paige luckily started with enough to cure Blue. She also quickly cured Black. The pair gathered enough search abilities and found the paranoid soldier in Tokyo. Colonel Gaby was exposed as a traitor. A civilian stepped up to help Paige. The civilian equipped some C4 and blew up the military base in Tokyo while Paige visited some troubled spots in the world. Paige cured Blue while the civilian blew up the military base in Sao Paolo. Shanghai had an outbreak and is now a fallen city. Montreal also had an outbreak. Paige gained the forecaster skill. Trending data was added to London.

In early October, Paige and Molly began in Atlanta. They quickly cured and eradicated 3 diseases. Patient zero eluded the duo. The 2 built and destroyed 2 military bases (the last on the last turn of the game), but unluckily only 6 quarantines were left on the board. Black got the final positive mutation and Molly became a chopper pilot.

In late October, Paige and Molly are at it again. They quickly cure and eradicate blue and black. Molly got into Shanghai twice and found Patient Zero on the second try (using binoculars and building a military base in Shanghai) right before Patient Zero’s trail went cold. Molly was able to quarantine just about all of the faded area while waiting for enough search abilities, while Paige kept the yellow virus in check. Paige was preparing a contingency plan of building military bases just to knock them down. Three objectives were met (the last being finding patient zero). The immunologist created a vaccine. The duo got a bonus of three road blocks to start November. Molly got a formidable skill upgrade. The duo equipped three city cards.

In November, Paige and Molly began in Hot-lanta. Paige quickly cured and eradicated Yellow(on turn one [Paige had 3 Yellow cards and Molly had the remove 1 cube from anywhere card with only one yellow cube from setup]) followed by Blue. Molly built vaccine factories in London and Kolkata. She also blew up military bases in Atlanta and Kolkata. Unfortunately, there was an outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City (but it was contained by roadblocks and previously vaccinated surrounding cities. Black was cured and eradicated. The duo then focused on vaccinating the faded cities (San Francisco, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Sydney, and lastly Shanghai). The vaccine factories in Paris and Kolkata were made permanent.

In December, Paige and Molly began their race against the clock. They cured all the other diseases and eradicated yellow. They found the stockpile and destroyed it. The pair spent so much time finding the stockpile that the rest of the world got a little out of control. Outbreaks occurred in Seoul thrice, New York, Riyadh and Essen. On the last turn, with a charter flight and a can of aerosol, Paige vaccinated the city of Beijing, saving humanity from the Faded virus.

Final score = 808
Played from 1/1/17 - 1/4/17
15 games played.
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