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Subject: AAR: The Rise and Fall of Mickey Markus rss

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Turn 1: Israelis Shoot Down British Warplanes

Not a good start diplomatically. Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian forces push forward and Israel’s weak counter attack Jordan fails. The road ahead won’t be an easy one.

Turn 2: Galilee Air Squadron Takes Flight

Bad turns to worse for Israel and the Jordanians continue their advance towards West Jerusalem. Due to Israeli air superiority late in the day, the Jordanians are pushed backwards to Jericho and the pressure is off, for now.

Turn 3: Plan Dilat Launched

Jordan once again attacks towards Ramallah unopposed while a brief advance into Tiberius is reversed by the Israelis. The Jordanian advance is causing much concern in Jerusalem but the Israelis are determined to keep cool heads and play the long game.

Turn 4: Arab Liberation Army Formed

Lebanon advance to Haifa before being expelled backwards after a rugged defence, once again alarm bells are ringing and the situation has escalated perhaps beyond control at this point. In other news, the Syrian Army dig in in Tiberius and look to advance in the near future.

Turn 5: IDF Established

In theory, the formal setting up of the IDF aims to secure the State of Israel. In practice, the crisis intensifies as the Jordanians continue to repel Israeli counter offensives and more worryingly continue to hold Ramallah. On the Syrian front, there is some good news as they are pushed further back.

Turn 6: Soviets Condemn Arab Invaders

Whether the diplomatic condemnation by the USSR was a decoy or not, the Syrians stormed forward to briefly capture Nabulus, before the newly formed IDF pushes Syrian forces all the way back to Safed. Back in Israeli HQ, there is optimism that this may be a sign of things to come, with better coordination and strategic planning.

Turn 7: Rebuff at Laturn

Both Syrian and Iraqi forces seize the opportunity of the Laturn skirmishes and drives forwards, the former holding out in Tiberius while awaiting further reinforcements from Damascus. The Northern Command reports that once again Lebanese forces have been forced back to Sidon. Some good news in increasingly desperate times.

Turn 8: Israeli Unit of Arab Minorities

Egypt’s slow advance progresses to Hebron and a major crisis occurs in Israeli command. With the Syrians and Jordanians also closing in on the West Bank, the eye may have been taken off the ball somewhat in the west. Four failed counter attacks against Egyptian positions in Hebron mean that Israel must call upon the majority of her reserve forces before finally pushing back the Egyptian forces to Beersheba, still within easy striking range of Jerusalem.

Turn 9: Attack on Hadassah Hospital

After a relative pause in fighting to regroup, hard graft from the IDF finally removes the Jordanian armed forces from Ramallah. Once again there is cautious optimism in the bunker that the worst of the fighting might well be over.

Turn 10: Operation Kadem Launched

Syrian forces easily capture Nabulus, and since Israeli resources are deployed against Jordan, only a weak IDF offensive stands between Syria and the way towards Jerusalem. The counter offensive fails miserably and at this point many commanders privately admit that defeat seems inevitable.

Turn 11: Burma Road Opened by Mickey Markus

While Egypt and Lebanon advance to further tighten the noose, the real bad news is that the IDF was only able to make a single attack against the weak Iraqis holed up in Domnia. It seemed like trying to eat kosher soup with a fork from a military perspective, yet things were really that dire for the IDF, morale and supplies were low and there were rumours of mutiny within.

Turn 12: Altalena Incident

West Jerusalem falls silent as the Arab armies hold off attacking for now. Defeat seems a foregone conclusion. To this day, historians still ponder over this event and the subsequent orders given by Ben Gurion to fire on a ship carrying Irgun weapons instead of focussing Israeli efforts on lifting the siege of West Jerusalem. Israel, for now, lives to fight another day.

Turn 13: Deir Yassin Massacre

To lift the siege, the Irgun paramilitaries took it upon themselves to defend the city, slaughtering 107 Arab civilians nearby. In response to this, Jordan launched a full offensive towards West Jerusalem. Ben Gurion was furious at this sequence of events, yet deep down he much have known that the game was up. To rub salt into Israeli wounds, three weakened attacked against the Lebanese army failed and as the sun set on Jerusalem, there was a clear sense of foreboding in the air.

Turn 14: Palestinian and Arab Armies

Content to let Israel suffer, the Arab armies hold off attacking further to allow their armies to surround Jerusalem. An IDF counter attack against Syrian forces does enough to take some pressure off.

Turn 15: Iraq Tires

While the Iraqi army is low on supplies and there for the taking, the IDF had more grave matters to deal with right now since the Jordanians have captured East Jerusalem while Syria has retaken Nabulus once more. While Israeli commanders secretly wish it was all over they still have a job to do and successfully dislodge Jordan from the eastern part of the city.

Turn 16: Mickey Markus Accidently Killed

Just when things could not get any worse for Israel, Mickey Markus is accidently killed by an IDF sentry who was unable to speak English. Once again, Jordanian armed forces take east Jerusalem and march into the old city.

Turn 17: Operation Honev Launched

While trying to force Egypt from the war, Israeli commanders made a critical error and allowed a joint Lebanese-Jordanian effort to overrun IDF positions and capture West Jerusalem.

The victorious forces held a victory parade in front of the Wailing Wall. David Ben Gurion was assassinated a year later by an Irgun splinter group and Israel became an autonomous part of a UN governed Arab Palestine.

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Darin Leviloff
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Really enjoyed that replay. Better luck next time.
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