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Hello, fellow sufferers.

A question came up during our last gaming session. What happens when you can move a monster (or a hero, i guess), using something like No Rest for the Wicked card, who is, for example, stunned? When it is immobilized, i guess it should be clear that it cannot be moved, but what about stun? It makes you lose an action during your turn, but it is not your turn when you move that monster, and it is not considered as an action?
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You must unlearn what you have learned...

Since it is not the stunned figure's turn, moving it is no problem. Furthermore, the movement it is doing isn't even an action. You can do as many non-action things as you want on your turn while stunned- you just can't perform any actions before performing an action to dicard stun.

You've got to read immobilized closely, "You cannot perform move actions or suffer fatigue to gain movement points..." Those are two very specific restrictions. Movement other than those two things is actually still allowed. So, elven boots would still work. Moving due to "no rest for the wicked" would still work. The volucrix reaver's "skirmish" ability "move 3 spaces..." would still work. Syndrael's heroic feat would not, since both heroes "perform a move action".
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