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Subject: SPQR is going down to ALEX rss

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Tim Korchnoi
United States
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My Little Man's first real wargame play: Barbarossa Solitaire
Battle of the Siris River, July 26, 319 B.C.
(Please note: my gaming buddy Thad and I decided to try something a little different this game: we rolled for see who gets to move each turn, rather than just the beginning. Don't ask: it was just something we went, "wonder what would happen if...."

At long last the day has arrived!!! Alexander, King of Macedonia, Great King of Persia, has landed in Italy!!!!! Alexander knows there is only one enemy who truly stands in his way of conquering the Italian Peninsula: the dreaded Romans. As Alexander marches north toward Rome to end this war quickly, the Romans send out an army of their own to intercept Alexander before he reaches the city. The armies are on a collision course, with destiny waiting in the wings....

Alexander’s plan is simple: win like he usually does. He will deploy the companion cavalry on the right wing, with the light cavalry and the Carthaginian cavalry on the left. At the edge of the river Siris, he will line his SK and LP units, with his Indian forces close behind them. In the last row of his army, he will put his Macedonian Phalanx together with the heavy Greek ally infantry. Alexander will hit the right win hard first, then the left attempting to hit the Romans where they are weakest: their cavalry. While this is happening, the rest of the army will hold at the rivers edge where, Alexander plans, his elephants will cause much chaos and distress, thus keeping the vaunted Roman infantry at bay.

The Roman plan is also to their ususal standards: hold on with the cavalry on the wings as long as possible while the rows of the legion burst through the enemy center, smashing him to pieces!!! The only problem: the reputation of Alexander’s companion cavalry. The Romans have never seen anything like them before. Can their cavalry hold on long enough or will Alexander turn the flank and destroy yet another enemy????

Format: Turn number, who won, any seizures, formation activated and results.

1 Mac wins; Alexander advances with the companion cavalry against the Roman cavalry.
2 Roman wins...Alexander seizes!!!! Alexander slams into the Roman cavalry with the companion cavalry. 1 RC routed and the flank is now in danger of being turned!!!
3 Roman cavalry react to Alexander and reposition to meet flanking threat. Heavy fighting!!! 3 more RC routed!!!!
4 Rome wins; 1st legion line advances to rivers edge.
5 Mac wins; Companion cavalry finish the job by routing 3 more RC!!!! 1 Companion cav. Pursues the defeated Romans shake
6 Mac wins; left wing cavalry begins its assault
7 Mac wins; Rome seizes! Roman 1st line moves again and is met with a hail of missile fire! Romans brush aside 2 SK and an LP.
8 Mac wins; Indian formation activated. Elephants advance!!!! devil Elephants charge an route 2 LG units, but lose one Indian LI
9 Rome wins; 1st line again activates and tries to turn right flank of phalanx. 1 LG cohort panics against elephants and two more LG units lost elsewhere on line BUT one Phanlanx is reduced!!!
10 Mac wins; Rome tries seizure and fails. Indian activation. Elephants again charge and smash 4 more LG units!!!
Route Points after first ten turns:

11 Rome wins; 1st line activated. Smash into phalanxes with one phalanx being routed!!!! gulp
12. Mac wins; Companion cavalry racing back to help with Macedonian right flank.
13 Rome wins; Mac seizes!!! Companion cavalry hit 1st line of legion in the flank; 1 LG unit routed!!
14 Roman 1st line again smashes into Macedonian line. Heavy fighting, many hits on units of both sides! Elephant rampages!!!! gulp Greek HI/HO pushed back, Hypaspists hit heavily and driven back with flank now in danger of being turned!!!! However, the LC in an amazing display of skill, kept the flank from being turned!!! cool
15 Roman wins; Mac seizes!!! Companion cavalry again tirelessly hit Roman infantry of the first line. 4 LG units total routed/eliminated!!!!
16 Roman cavalry hit LC and Carthage HC and drive them back.
17 Mac wins; LC hit back on left flank. The units become savagely entangled with one RC pushed back.
18 Rome wins; Mac seizes!!!! Indians activated resulting in 1 LG routed. Roman first line split!!!!!!
19 Roman cavalry activated. 1 RC routed in heavy fighting, while 2 Macedonian LC routed, including one Numidian LC!!!!! gulp shake yuk One RC pursued with leader in tow!!!! cool
20 Roman wins; 2nd line of LG advances. Fails to break Elephant line.

Route Points:

21 Mac wins; LC unleashed; route one LG and 2 RC units!!!
22 Mac wins; Rome seizes!!! Consul moves to try to co-ordinate legion lines better!
23 LC again hammer away at the enemy with mixed results as 1 LC is routed and 1 RC routed which the Carthaginian HC pursues with leader in tow! shake
24 Mac wins; Greek HI/HO activated. Hammer away at LG in front of them!
25 Rome wins; Alexander seizure attempt fails!!!! surprise 1st line of legion again hammers at Macedonian infantry, desperately trying to burst through the line!
26 Mac wins; Romans seize! 2nd line LG advances again. 1 LI routed.
27 Mac wins; companion cavalry hits into remainder of LG 1st line on Macedonian right flank. One more LG routed.
28 Mac wins; Companion cavalry delivers death blow by routing 3 LG units, putting the Roman army route number over the limit!

Final Route Points:

Roman Losses:
Legion Number units lost
V 4
XV 9

devil Gee, I wonder who is due for decimation????? devil

Macedonian Losses:
Unit type Number
LC 3
EL 1
LI (A) 3
SK 2
LP 3
PH 1

Now, Alexander is set for the final battle against Rome! Who will win? You’ll have to tune in next session report to find out!!!!!!
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