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Subject: Scenario 90 When the King stays to fight rss

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Dan Huffman
United States
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This is an interesting scenario. The Italians get a HUGE shot on my single squad in Obj 4. I thought he had survived, but one last shot made him into a Team via Light Wounds.

Here is the early on situation:

The Fascists have the luxury of not being harassed as the setup their initial run. If any British are foolish enough to get within range of the Fascists, they get lambasted.

Lt Pani took his troops down the right flank to Reconoiter and see if Romero was on the northern part of the Prison. That was a good idea. But for some reason, Pani thought it would be better to run down there himself. He did get one dissident out of Prison, but before he could check out the back building (Objective 3) The British moved strongly to him and killed him. The British were almost taken out of position by Pani's men, now leaderless, but the center group demanded their attention. Just in time, it turned out.

The Southern Flank went better for a long while as they stayed away from the wall and oozed toward the exit. The Center group moved the MMG into Objective 4, where it lasted a long time. On one huge massive outlet of ammo, the Center Machine Guns were shut down. Every single man was out of Ammo (Jammed result) but almost instantly, a cache of ammo that the Guards had set near the wall was found and they were all back in action. (British sniper at F6 had no effect but repair 5 MGs).

Sgt Carboni had the Center group follow the Southerners and then ordered brave young men to find Romero. He was found and escaped. But initially thinking to help the MMG in Objective 4, instead he decided to help lead the charge of freeing all the prisoners. There would be no running for this Fascist hero. They quickly overwhelmed a team, but when faced with a slightly more organized Guard counterattack, Despite being prepared for such a fight, Romero converted from Rebellious leader to Martyr.

Part of the problem was that Paul misunderstood the exit rules. I think he thought that the Fascists could exit once Romero was on the board. The rule is they can't exit until Romero exits. Even still, he almost pulled out another victory.

The Fascists put on a good show, as earlier in the fight both sides knew that the Prisoners had to be kept from escaping (Objective 5 was suddenly worth 10 VPs). As you can see below, the Fascists almost succeeded. Had they drawn an Advance before I discarded twice! to get a Move/Advance card to save the LOAN squad in the Prison, it would be a different voice telling this story. Once the squad moved back, the other British were able to enter and secure the remaining prisoners. Holding on until Help finally was on its way.

Oh, there was one point in the melee where about 5 Fascists headed for the hills and disappeared form the fight (Very successful rout with very favorable rules -- retreat to nearest exit.)

This game could have gone either way. Not getting the Advance to kill that last squad pretty much sealed the deal, though Paul was also going for a Surrender by killing many many British. Not sure which way that would have ended, as we were both three away from losing on that count. Fun game and intense the whole time.
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