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This is a session report of a participation in The Wolf Guard Challenge for Space Hulk: Death Angel — The Card Game. At this point, only team Sköll could participate in the mission and so they did.

My initial formation:
Egil (Green)
Vulpen (Purple)
Ranek (Blue)
Sigurd (Purple)
Haegar (Green)
Fenmar (Blue)

We were ready to retreat. We could confirm that Wolf Pack Hati failed at their mission because there were more blips on our radar than usual. Those blips were coming from the Genestealer Nest and we got no response when trying to contact...
Fenmar was eager to motivate the team and started with his Battle Cry scaring off one of the GS in the way.
Egil prepared to block the invaders, Sigurd frightened the other swarm. Egil Smashed 1 mutated head during his Block (a "3" and a "2") and Sigurd didn't have any problems defending against the lone GS. (rolled a "5")
Out of Thin Air, 2 GS have appeared behind Sigurd. Purple team have given an Oath of War to Haegar, who then killed 2 GS (a "2sk" and a "4sk"). Egil missed both of his shots (a "4" and a "5").
Egil blocked the swarm he was engaged with and Sigurd luckily escaped the GS grab thanks to Fenmar's guard (a "2" + 1ST from Fenmar).
We have heard an explosion behind us and in the Chaos of Battle, we have lost track of the swarms around us. Hopefully, Haegar was able to support Ranek when he made the shot.
In the meantime, Sigurd was able to scare one of the GS. Ranek killed the GS engaged with him and turned back (rolled "1" and did not attack again because I forgot he has range 1 and could've performed another free attack).
Fenmar attacks and misses. While defending, Egil Smashes one of the GS (rolled a "3" and a "4"), Haegar defends without any help ("2") and Sigurd takes advantage of the fact the GS engaged with him was frightened and successfully defends as well ("1"+1)
Fenmar got Second Wind, planning to engage some of the GS left. Haegar was reminded about Vulpen's Oath of War and was aiming at one of the swarms.
Blue team took the matters into their own hands: Fenmar swapped with Sigurd, Ranek swapped with Haegar and they both engaged the swarms.
Haegar attacks and kills two GS clearing up the way for Ranek and Fenmar a little ("0" rerolled to "2sk" and a "3sk").
Egil had a GS on his back but was able to defend successfully ("2"), Ranek and Fenmar were able to defend without any help as well (both rolled a "3").
Vulpen was able to perfom a Full Scan and it turned out one blip was a false alarm (removed the card from right, to avoid a red spawn, only 1 yellow spawned).

We were able to left the Cogitator behind and retreated to the Hibernation Cluster. To our surprise, radar showed many GS before us, where do they come from??
Green team were good at keeping control over the formation (Egil only turned around but moved the swarm engaged with Ranek up one position, so that Haegar could swap with Ranek, thus making him engaged with 2 swarms and also activated the Door).
Sigurd tried to destroy the Spore Chimney with no luck but his attempt has apparently frightened one of the swarms and scared one GS off.
Ranek attacked one of the swarms and was able to kill a GS ("1sk", then "5" rerolled to "4"). Fenmar assisted with an additional kill ("3sk").
3 GS were left surrounding us. Egil and Ranek both defended against the swarms.
Fenmar has found some sort of ammunition and was able to Resupply (4 ST moved to Fenmar). Ranek bravely engaged two swarms with 5 GS and 2 GS respectively just to try to activate the Door.
Fenmar tried to use the new kind of ammunition and destroy the Spore Chimney but it wasn't enough (rolled a "4"). Haegar attacked the swarms and killed 2 GS, Egil was less successful (rolled a "0" and a "0"...).
It was probably because Egil focused more on defending ("3"). Ranek was able to fend off the swarms thanks to Fenmar's guard ("2"+2ST from Fenmar, "2"+1ST from Fenmar).
Suddenly, Out of Thin Air, 2 GS have appeared behind Ranek, Egil was too far away to smash them, so we had to take all measures against that many GS.

We were able to reach Black Holds and to our surprise, 2 more GS engaged Egil. It seemed they should have focused on Ranek but to our advantage, they are not very intelligent creatures.
At this point, Egil was engaged with 3 GS in front, Ranek with 7 GS in his back and Fenmar was fighting off the last GS.
Both Green and Blue teams decided to support Haegar (while Ranek scared off one of the GS), Sigurd frightened 3 GS behind Ranek.
While defending, Egil Smashed the whole swarm (rolled a "5" and a "0"!). He is definitely better at close range than he is with his Bolters.
Ranek was able to defend against the frightened swarm thanks to Haegar's guard (rolled a "2" +1 for fright and 1ST from Haegar). Sigurd defended without any help ("3").
Some Cleansing Flames from Ranek helped to get rid of another GS. This time, Ranek was pissed off so he started to attack the swarms. He was able to kill one GS thanks to Sigurd's Oath of War ("5"), turned over and missed the next attack ("0").
Fenmar, Egil and Haegar were able to kill one GS each. Ranek defended against the swarm with Haeger's guard ("1" + 2 ST).
Ranek's Quick Instincts allowed him to make another attack (still following the rules on the attack card), which ended in killing another GS! (a "1" and a "0").

We cleared the right corridor and could move on! (the right blip pile was empty while 5 cards were on the left pile!). We have finally reached the Void Lock!
Ranek's Battle Cry, Haegar's Feint and Sigurd's Frightening Charge each helped to shuffle the swarms a little bit and while defending, Ranek was able to succeed thanks to the support of others ("1" rerolled to "3").
We have noticed something unusual - a GS was successfully Evading Vulpen's attack (at this point, I started to treat Vulpen as being expendable since he couldn't move, had a GS on his back and no guarding Marine was close).
Sigurd attacked a swarm that was close to Sergeant Egil but he missed and the swarm moved to engage with sergeant. While defending, Vulpen made a false move and the GS got to him, slaying the helpless Marine (a "1" rolled).
Egil, again, Smashed some skulls. 2 GS on the left and 1 on the right.
Ranek noticed something Stalking the Shadows but his Battle Cry was enough to scare off a GS. Both Egil and Haegar killed a single GS each.
There was no GS close to us but we still felt Surrounded and 2 new GS appeared. Sigurd killed one of them and Egil Smashed the other one.
We have encountered a Hive! Our motion radars started to go crazy! 2 new GS have spawned in Ranek's close range, which he then killed with a smile on his face!
Ranek tried another battle cry and shouted: "For my Battle Brothers!". There were no GS at that point but that cry did motivate us!
Egil tried to Block and Smash all the GS that appeared and succeeded to smash one from the left (rolled a "4" and a "0") and defended against the other 2-GS swarm (rolled a "5" and a "5").
Haegar and Egil somehow got their Guns Jammed and couldn't attack for a while. That wasn't problem for Ranek. With a lot of support and a Oath of War, he was able to slay 3 GS, Fenmar missed.
Ranek was then able to defend against the two GS (rolled a "4").
Egil shouted: "They're Everywhere!" but then noticed that the corridor on the right has been emptied and we could retreat and left all the GS behind us.

Thanks to spawning 2 GS on the left and 4 GS on the right, we were able to empty a blip pile and win!
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