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E-Initiative(tm) version 1.0 is now available for download at It's a a new combat tracker for the d20 system

The “EIA(tm)” tracks initiative order, rounds left for spells cast, and hit points left. It also gives the DM the ability to roll dice electronically, which includes saves associated with each particular character.

There are a handful of initiative trackers for sale, right? So what’s the difference between all those tools and the EIA(tm)? Although the EIATM is a 100% stand-alone program, it interfaces with the popular character generator tool, E-Tools*. After exporting an E-Tools character to XML format, that XML file can be read into the EIA(tm) so that the character’s hit points, initiative and save modifiers, and spells known are available to the EIA(tm). In the alternative, you can use the EIA(tm)’s character creation screen to create your own characters. As other character generator formats are brought to my attention, those will be supported in future versions.

I’ll be using a WotC message board ( to answer any questions you may have, and from that give and take, I’ll develop a FAQ.

* The E-Tools(tm) application is intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast®. Robert E. Bodine is in no way associated with Wizards of the Coast®, Code Monkey Publishing(tm), or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. Robert E. Bodine does not endorse any of the products or services of either of those companies, nor has Robert E. Bodine received or been made aware of any endorsement of his products or services by those companies.
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