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Subject: ADRENALINE - An I, Geek 4-Headed Dragon Review rss

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Desperately attempting to never take ourselves too seriously for both our own sanity and the greater good! Enjoy our review of ADRENALINE!

Pros: Thematic Euro? Eurotrash? Not sure what to call this First Person Shooter Resource Management game. I guess I will just stick with calling it the Best Damn Game of the Con. This game checks most every box I have for being a great game. Great Theme, Great Art, Great Fun, Not to Long, Easy to Learn, Hard to Win, Double Sided Boards, and the list could go on and on.

Cons: I really had to think hard on this one, but if I was going to give it a knock it would be for how the game starts. In turn order your characters will spawn on the board and complete two actions. If you are going first you are at a disadvantage as you have no one to shot at. It is a small issue. I think one thing that you could do is let that first player choose where they spawn vs letting it be determined randomly. That way they can pick up a gun they like or get to a place on the board that may be more advantageous.

Summary: I really LOVE this game. Played it several times and wanted to play it more. Even Won a copy of it during the raffle drawing. Almost like we were connected and the universe could sense that.


Pros: Adrenaline is a well designed and produced tactical combat game that’s easy to learn and fun to play. It puts you in the thick of the action and keeps you there the entire game. The large variety of weapons in the game provide unique ways to set up attacks against opponents, promoting repeated plays to discover all the different strategies available with the weapons.

Cons: The confined play space does not allow for many areas to run and hide, so players who prefer more defensive options may not enjoy this in-your-face nature of combat.

Summary: Adrenaline really captures the feel of playing first person shooter video games I’ve enjoyed like Unreal Tournament where the sole focus is to quickly hunt down your opponents while avoiding them doing the same to you, respawning when you’re eventually slain and jumping right back into the action again. There is a Euro game aspect to managing your resources well and planning your attacks efficiently with the weapons available that accompanies this quick action game of attacks and evasions. Still, the beating heart of this game and the reason it’s called Adrenaline can be seen in the frenetic pace of players moving around the board and chasing their opponents with guns reminiscent of the BFGs of yesteryear’s video games.

Rating: This sleek sci-fi combat game scores a 7/10 for me. All the parts of Adrenaline work like a well oiled machine to get the blood pumping in this figurative exercise of attacks and survival.

Pros: It’s CGE so the rules were great. Funny, good examples, and you felt like you could for the most part play the game after one quick read through. With all the different modes, the game seems to offer some change after you get tired of deathmatch. I didn’t play the other modes, so can’t give any opinions on those, but at least they’re there.

Cons: First turn player didn’t seem at a disadvantage. Sure they could possibly have access to the better guns, not being able to shoot anything the turn you come onto the board to get points might be an issue for some. It’s an FPS and you can’t “camp.” Come on man!

Summary: Based off of only 1 play at BGGCon2016, I think I fell victim to overhyping this game for myself. It was the game I was most excited about going into the con, and it just kinda fell short once I played it. I did enjoy the game, but I’m thankful Sten ended up winning it during the closing ceremonies so I don’t feel like I need to purchase it. I’m sure it’s a game that will hit the table for us all again soon and I’m fine with that. Good game, just didn’t blow me away the way I wanted it to.

Rating: I give it a Duke Nukem/Halo (6.5/10)

Pros: I didn't know what to expect going into this one. All I knew was that it was a first person shooter in board game form. As I'm not generally a fan of first person shooters I wasn't fighting the hordes to get a seat at the table. Luckily others in my crew convinced me to give it a whirl and I was happy to admit my mistake. It isn't a first person shooter in board game form. Whoever first coined that is way off. Looking at the BGG page for this game the term "first person shooter" is in the description so I suppose whoever edited the description gets the blame. This game is as much of a first person shooter as Hansa Teutonica is. This is a tactics game. If you've ever played Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics then you know what I'm talking about. That's the type of game I can get behind and that's ultimately why I found this game so intriguing. The game is fast paced and surprisingly fair. It is designed so you won't ever feel picked on since those who don't die become more lucrative targets. The other added bonus of dying is becoming stronger. In the handful of deathmatch games I, Geek played it became clear that there are multiple ways to victory. One person ended up grabbing guns and dropping them almost every turn as the guns are picked up already loaded. That player realized quickly that you didn't have to do much resource farming through this tactic. However it also tied them to a portion of the board so they were less mobile. I tried to stay alive as long as possible and that ended up being a detriment to me. Live and learn... and lose I suppose.

Cons: I didn't see many negatives with this game. I suppose the one downside was the time between plays. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't overly long. There just wasn't much to do. I didn't really need to plan my next move as everything is pretty fluid and it would be silly to plan anything early since everything on the board will be different on my next turn. Watching other players it was obvious this wasn't just an issue for me. Everyone had their phones out between turns. Of course this was the last evening of BGG.Con 2016 and we had just marathoned through hours and hours of games so our attention span was limited. Truth be told this is the biggest complaint I have against the game and its super minor.

Summary: This was a lot of fun and I'm glad we ended up getting a copy for the group. As mentioned before, Sten ended up winning a copy in the Saturday night drawing. Had he not won a copy I would have immediately bought one at my FLGS. This game is fun as a base game with multiple paths to victory, fast-paced action, and multiple board layouts to play on. There is so much potential for further expansions be they new weapons, maps, or character upgrades. Plus the components are really nice.

Rating: I initially gave this game a 7/10 right after playing it and I think I'll stay there. It is a very solid, fun game that will most assuredly hit the table from time to time.

I, Geek recently discussed Adrenaline in one of our podcasts covering our trip to BGG.Con 2016. If you'd like to hear us discuss Adrenaline and other wonderful games, you can find that HERE or over at I, Geek Headquarters.
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