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Subject: Tournament of Heroes Round 2 - Cleric vs Wizard rss

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Chad Edmunds
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For full coverage of this tournament, including the running scoreboard, see this thread:

Tournament of Heroes, Season 2

Round 2 - Cleric vs Wizard


Hero Preview

We have 2 new Heroes doing battle again this round, as the Cleric takes on the Wizard.

The Cleric

Starting with 55 health, The Cleric is all about healing and defence. 2 Followers provide a little defence, but does combo with Prayer Beads to gain both 2 Gold and 5 health. Otherwise, without 2 or more Champions in play, Player Beads is a choice. Another Character without draw in the starting deck, which I feel this tournament will expose as a weakness. Average amount of Gold and a single weapon, the Spiked Mace doing 2 damage. The Cleric does love the Champions, and both abilities help with that. Resurrect allows a previously stunned champion to come back into play. And Bless provides some healing and a +1 defence buff to all Champions. Both handy abilities, but neither providing any draw.

Let's see if The Cleric can keep pace without any starting draw.

The Wizard

Where the Cleric is a Character with no draw and a love for the Champions, the Wizard is flush with draw and an Action junkie. The Wizard has the lowest health of all the Characters at 50. In the deck, Fire Staff provides a fairly reliable draw, if the Wizard can acquire lots of cheap Actions early. Elven Gift anyone? Ignite, providing 2 damage each, also supports Fire Staff as they are Actions as well. Cat Familiar is a handy little guy, often proving that 1 needed Gold to fire off Channel. Channel is the Wizard's draw engine. For a single ping, in addition to the 2 Gold, the Wizard can draw a card. Fireball is a great late game ability.

Always choosing to be a Wizard in rpg video games, adventure games, board games...everything...Dad has a special place in his heart for the Wizard and will be "unbiasedly" (not a word, and not true ) cheering for the Wizard.

Match-up Preview

If Round 1 was the most uneven match-up of the tourney, this looks to be the most even match-up. In Season 1 Adam won both games, one as the Cleric and one as the Wizard. He was also the Start Player for both games. The Action Character vs the Champion Character! Let's see if either proves stronger.

Odds Calulation

I made an adjustment to the odds calculation for this match-up. Since Adam won both games in Season 1, as Start Player, I adjusted my edge to 50-50 and the Start Player edge to 75%. I also made a change to how I will calculate the overall odds. I am still looking for a way to get overall odds from different factors. Until I do, this is what I am doing. When the factor is 50-50, it is ignored. When 2 or more factors are on the same side, they accumulate. I will make a judgement call on the exact accumulation. For example, if the Dad edge is 55% and the Start Player edge is 65%, then the game edge will be 70%. When 2 or more are on the opposite side, they will cancel part or all of the individual factor odds. For example, if the Dad edge is 55% and the Start Player edge is 35% (going second), then the game edge will be 45%.

Adam's Picks

Adam is predicting a 2-2 draw in this match-up, and won't commit to more that that, ie. nothing on Dad vs Adam nor the start player he is so adamant about having an advantage.

I think we will see a 3-1 result for the Wizard...there goes that unbias again.


Game Adam Dad Start Favorite Odds Winner
Season 1

Season 2 - Round 2

Season 2 | Total
CLERIC 3-1 | 4-2
WIZARD 1-3 | 2-4
Start Player 3-1 | 5-1

Game 5 - It was a close one where the Wizard pulled off a cheap win. The Cleric used neither Resurrect nor Bless at all. That was a mistake, and at least one turn, Bless would have kept Adam alive for another turn. The win was not satisfying given Adam's mistakes with not using his abilities. The Wizard had a tidy Red deck. The final blow came from Afterlife putting Cult Priest on top of the deck and Channel getting Cult Priest into play and the allies with Rot hitting Adam right on the number.

Game 6 - The Wizard was behind from the get go. The trade row came not good, offering only Champions to the Wizard and great Actions only to the Cleric. In the end, the Wizard ended up buying just 5 cards, all Red and only one Action. The Cleric's Yellow deck clobbered the Wizard.

Game 7 - Back and forth game with the constant healing finally winning it for the Cleric. The Cleric was able to get good Champions, including Arkus, plus Smash and Grab which kept cycling Arkus, which in turn gave the Cleric constant draw, attack and healing. The Cleric wore down the Wizard with this combo. The Wizard had a completely scrapped deck at the end with a couple nice Blue combos and tons of draw. The very cards that thinned the deck were clogging it up in the end, particularly against the Cleric's healing.

Game 8 - The Cleric clobbered the Wizard in probably 4 decks. Maybe 5. This is the Cleric buys for the game:

The carnage started on Turn 1 when the Cleric, going first, was able to pick up Elven Gift and Death Touch! After that, the trade row kept coming beautifully Green - even the Wizard was loading up on Green - and enough Red to make a near perfect Cleric deck. It was fun!

Hero Recap


The Wizard is as weak as advertised when he is unable to find his fix: Actions. If the Wizard can scrap his way to a thin deck full of strong Actions he is a formidable force. However, he becomes very fragile when such a deck is not possible. Also, the Wizard needs to be quick. Against a healer, like he was in this match-up, it is difficult for the Wizard to be quick enough. Going second, the Wizard had no chance against the Cleric. But when going first, the Wizard was in both games and could have won both but for being just 1/2 deck too slow in Game 7.


A strong Character in any match-up, I am predicting. But against the Wizard who likes to leave Champions hanging around in the trade row, a solid favorite. Champions and so much healing is frustrating to play against. The Cleric uses that to wear down its opponents. Smash and Grab is a must buy for the Cleric deck, and a must hate-buy for any Character facing the Cleric.

Match-up Recap

75% odds for both Characters held perfectly with the match-up going 3-1. Vegas is on fire!
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