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Subject: Solitaire play rss

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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

DQ (any edition) is a great game.
I always wanted to play the game also solitaire without reducing the thrill of fighting monsters.

As each monster has preferences (e.g. Orcs are dying to fight melees) and limitations (e.g. not all can use magic) and other particularities (e.g. Golems can only be hit in melee), it required to set up specific decision charts for each monster both for close combat and range combat.

In the end it requires some extra dice rolling (1 specific die roll for each combat round to determine the maneuver of the monster). The heroes maintain their pool of 15 Combat cards (not all heroes actually can use all of those cards as some, for example, cannot apply range combat).

The adjusted game system works.

Here is an example.
Bianca the Feather visited the dungeon ...

A cold morning.
As the sun fireball showed up above the horizon for just a tiny bit, Bianca entered the northeast tower of castle Dragonfire. Hundreds of stairs led down to the dungeon.
A slim room offered a passage south.
Quick moving shadows, fluttering, ...
"Bats! Vampire Bats!"
The flying creatures applied their hit and run tactics and the attack was over as quickly as it had started.
The room was linked to a corridor. At its end the girl discovered another room providing an exit to the west.
And all was quiet.
A large room allowing to move further west came next.
"Looks very inviting."
"Wrong, lady. Trespassers will be eaten."
A filthy goblin blocked the way.
Bianca instantly charged.
She stopped and cast a fireball spell.
The goblin laughed as its crude arrow hit the girl.
"Die, die, die!"
Bianca throw a dagger. It found its target, right between the red eyeballs.
She pulled out two arrows from her shoulder. Her Drain Life rune kept her unharmed.


The next room offered a trip down to the catacombs.
"No way!"

She moved south.
A corridor: t-crossing.
A barren room was next. Right after entering it, it started rotating.
"Yeah, one of those toys of that grumpy old wizard."
The very next room offered another passage down.
"Not for me!"
Eerie silence. The treasure chamber was near.
"Lights ahead. The dragon's vault is in range."
With a loud rattle a portcullis blocked the way back east.
"Look at that! Some jewelry."
With great caution, the girl entered the well-lit treasure chamber. The tremendous dragon slept on a huge pile of gold coins, gems, pieces of gold, and what have you.
"The dragon will not really miss any of this."
Bianca grabbed some hundreds of gold coins and a crystal of Orris.
The fearsome beast kept snoring.
"Let's stay and get some more of your treasure."
A tiny treasure chest was pocketed by Bianca. "That's an artifact eater."
The dragon decided to stay fast asleep.
"Time to go."
The first room to the west of the treasure chamber showed a door and exits north and south.
"South!" The girl whispered.
Ignoring another ladder leading down to the catacombs, the treasure carrying girl continued moving south.
"Oops! Someone really ugly does not want me leaving this nice place."
A golem towered in the centre of the just entered room.
Bianca remembered that those creatures could only be harmed at close range, very close range. She attacked furiously.
The golem perished at once.
"Just a magic statue that apparently was." The girl mused.
Next, Bianca entered a second rotating room. "Well, well, just get me closer to the southwest tower."
But the corridor leading away from the now "dead" rotating room turned left towards the southeast tower.
"A chasm! You want me to move north. No way. She readied to jump across the abyss.
"Treasures to me, death to you." A big orc made the girl change her plans.
She stood still.
This apparently was too much for the greenskin and the orc ran away.
Bianca jumped across the abyss.
As a death warrior jumped forward from its hide-out, Bianca understood the strange maneuver of the orc.
Bianca advanced towards the new enemy, the skeleton's missile missed its target."Bastard! Die!" Bianca charged. Her first attack was parried by magic. Her second attack decapitated the undead monster and the fight was over.


Moving south again, Bianca found herself in a small room leading east and another exit north. "Let's move east then."
A lot of debris ahead. Carefully, the girl moved forward. Small pebbles and rocks rained from the ceiling. "Let's move fast!"
She ran.
Even using her ring of luck did not allow her to crosse this room.
"Time is running out, my dear."
She tried again.
This time it worked. As parts of the ceiling crashed down, Bianca was already in the next room.
"Holy ..." A black, big, hairy monster with 8 legs blocked the way.
Collecting all her senses and skills, Bianca attacked this nightmare.
It now was a fight of life and death.
Bianca prevailed. Bleeding, she entered the next room. It had a weak ceiling, too. Then a guardian, apparently made of the debris, showed uno: another golem.
"Bastard! Back to the pebbles you was made of." This golem was a formidable enemy.
The fight was intense, tough, and painful. But again, the girl's rune saved the day for her. The golem finally toppled forward, turning into dust again.


"I really want to leave this place."
Bianca ran as fast as possible ... and made it through a room raining stones from above. Tons of rock finally came down, but the girl was in safety again.
The next room led either down, "No way", or back "No way".
But first, she had to deal with the local of this place so close to the southeast tower: another orc.
"Die, monster!"


Bianca attacked with lightning speed, the orc never had a chance to utter some final words, its head simply fell off, the neck perfectly cut.
Searching the room came next.
Finding a secret door made the girl smile.
A large room with exits north an east.
"A last obstacle?"
A mountain troll.
"Scumbag, get out of my way." She charged.
The huge troll, nearly twice as tall as the feeble girl, ran away, to fight another day.
Bianca was free to enter the southeast tower, climbed the many stairs, then returned to the surface, the sun still in the sky but ready to set within the next minutes.
She would return to her friends and tell them a new story with a happy ending.

1171 GP retrieved. Bianca never activated the artifact eater.
22 XP.
18 Fame & Honor points.

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