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The West Australian Boardgaming Association Inc. ('WABA') has held a Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon competition at previous Decembacons (see here, here, here, here, here and here). We have also held a Decathlon competition to coincide with the 2012 Summer Olympics (see here).

As is now tradition, WABA once again held a Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon competition at the 2016 WABA D-Con (still commonly referred to as Decembacon), a longer and larger meet compared to normal with more door prizes, events, and tournaments such as this! This was one of the more popular tournaments, requiring no prior experience, short learning time and playing quickly (hence the title - besides, do you know how hard it is to come up with a 'U' title, following my previous R, S, and T session report titles?)

WABA provided players with pens, score sheets and of course, dice! Thanks to Amy for being responsible for overseeing this competition throughout the day, and to everyone (especially those on the committee) who taught people the game. Promoting it both before and during Decembacon 2016, we attracted 47 entrants, just missing out on matching the 50 entrants we had last year.

There were three notable points during the analysis of scores. First, analysis detected four individual event reported impossible scores collectively from three people (I'm confident that none of those three deliberately tried to fudge the rules/rolls). For statistical purposes of individual events, those events will not include assigned 0 scores (but those scores do count for overall results). As a comparison, last year's event detected two individual event reported impossible scores out of 50 entries. This is another solid reminder to continue to teach those playing so that it is played corrected and that it can be fair and fun for everyone.

Secondly, there were a number of people who had minor addition errors (in their calculated total score). Fortunately, none of them were significant enough to affect the top 3 places. While there were people who accidentally added themselves higher, I feel a little sorry for those who added themselves lower - a few of you did better than you thought!

Thirdly and most strangely, there were two entries without a name. We've never had that happen before - were those entrants embarrassed about their scores?

[Lots of numbers and data to come, skip to The Final Results if uninterested]

100 Metres
The 3 highest scores were 38 (Claire D), 34 (David P, Mark B, and Jonathan N), and 33 (Oliver), the lowest score -2, and the mean score 24.34.

110 Metre Hurdles
The 3 highest score were 30 (Claire D)[New World Record!*], 29 (Martin C), and 28 (David P), the lowest score 12 (David F), and the mean score 21.81.

Long Jump
The 3 highest scores 29 (Anneke F), 28 (David P, Tyrone C, Bernard, Roger L, and Warren A), and 27 (Mark B, Leah I, Eric, and James D), the lowest score 0, and the mean score 21.45.

Top 3 scores were 30 (Aidden R)[Equal World Record!*], 28 (Claire D and David P), and 26 (Bernard, Zoe F, Anneke F, Andrew R, Amelia, Jason F, Richard C, Nic M, and Andrew S), the lowest score 16, and the mean score 23.35. This was one of the events which recorded an impossible score, later adjusted to 0.

Shot Put
Top 3 scores were 41 (Rebecca P), 40 (David F), and 37 (Amy E), lowest score 0, and mean 21.60.

Top 3 scores were 42 (Claire D)[New World Record!*], 36 (No Name 2), and 34 (Bernard and Gary C), lowest score 0, and mean 18.60.

High Jump
Top 3 score were 26 (Claire D and David F)[Equal World Record!*], 24 (Bernard and Adrian P), and 22 (David P, Zoe F, Anita C, James W, Tash D, and Gracie), lowest score 14 and mean 19.83.

Top 3 scores were 30 (Luke P)[Equal World Record!*], 28 (Claire D, Rebecca P, Anneke F, and Amy E), and 26 (David P, Tyrone C, Mark B, Bernard, Louise A, Gary C, Aidden R, No Name 2, and Adrian J), lowest score 11, and mean 22.76. This was another of the events which recorded an impossible score, later adjusted to 0.

400 Metres
Top 3 scores were 37 (Claire D), 36 (Anita C and Jason B), and 35 (Zoe F), lowest 5, and mean 25.46. This was the third of the events which recorded an impossible score, later adjusted to 0.

1500 Metres
Top 3 scores were 38 (James W), 36 (Bernard), and 35 (Louise A), lowest 6, and mean 26.13.

The Final Results
The mean score was 223.50 ((not including invalid 0 scores)/223.30 (including invalid 0 scores). These mean scores were higher than the last time WABA ran this event of 216.02 (not including invalid 0 scores)/215.84 (including invalid 0 scores).

There were 11 people (out of the 47) who did not achieve a meet first, second or third in at least one event. This distinctly contrasts with the only 4 out of 50 last year who did not achieve a meet first, second or third in at least one event. This indicates that there was less distribution amongst the event leaders.

Unfortunately coming last (even behind those who had impossible score events later adjusted to 0) was Caroline Y. She unfortunately recorded meet lows in long jump, shot put, and pole-vault. We hope to see you at a future WABA meet Caroline, and there's always next year's Decathlon competition to improve!

A mention goes to the 5th placed Rebecca P with a score of 261. She achieved a meet high in shot put and a meet second in javelin, and her score was enough for her to achieve the 9th best score in the world*.

A commendation goes to the 4th placed Mark B with a score of 267. He achieved a meet second in 100m and meet thirds in long jump and javelin. His score was enough for him to achieve the 7th best score in the world*.

An honourable commendation goes to 3rd placed Tyrone C with a score of 280. He achieved a meet second in long jump and a meet third in javelin, with his score being the 5th best score in the world*.

A high commendation goes to the 2nd placed David P with a score of 292. He managed meet seconds in 100m, long jump, and discus, and meet thirds in 110m hurdles, high jump and javelin. His tremendous score is the 2nd best score in the world*.

The winner of the 2015 WABA Decembacon Decathlon Meet scored 306, the number 1 best score in the world*! This was done by breaking the 110m hurdles and pole vault world records, tying the high jump world record, achieving further meet wins in 100m and 400m, and meet seconds in discus and javelin. We congratulate, salute, and crown the winner, Claire D!

Reflections and Bits and Pieces
Compared to other competitions we have run and did run at Decembacon 2016, this competition is easy to organise and run. The rules are largely self-explanatory, with only minimal explaination required. However, this should not make us complacent and we should still remain willing and able to teach/refresh people (on) the rules.

With 47 entries, there were 2 individual event records set, 3 individual event records equalled, and 5 top 10 world records set. This might just be our version of the 1968 Mexico City Olympics or maybe we need to do drug testing next year

As usual, I liked having the event open until a set closing time. People played throughout the day, with scores tallied up at the end. Promotion before the meet and during the day kept people informed and playing. A drop of 3 people from the tournament ran at Decembacon 2015 is not, I think, statistically significant.

The Cheeseman family must have some secret training regime for this tournament as they hold 3 of the top 10 overall decathlon scores. Tyrone Cheeseman is also the only multiple winner, taking out the 2010 and 2014 Reiner Knizia's Decathlon tournaments at WABA Decembacon.

The 2015 winner Adrian P also took part in this competition, but alas could only manage 198, enough for 40th. His 2015 year's score of 258 would have been enough for equal 6th in this tournament.

A comparison of The Statistics of Reiner Knizia's Decathlon, part 5: the 400 Meters with the results of this meet is interesting. That thread's analysis concludes that 'the average score [on that analysis] is actually at 24'. This meet's mean was about the same (25.46 without an invalid score), with a standard deviation of 7.45. Interestingly, while the meet high falls within 2 standard deviations, the meet low fall outside 2 standard deviations (excluding an invalid score, there were only 2 scores that fell outside 2 standard deviations, both below).

Also of some lesser interest was that with me being away for this meet, there is know no one who has taken part in all recorded past Decathlon's up to now

I look forward to this being run at future WABA meets, and particularly at the 2017 WABA Decembacon.

*World Records found here.
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Ender Wiggins
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Great report Ernest, thank you!

I always look forward to seeing the results of the annual WABA Decembacon Decathlon competition, and am very pleased to see this fun game getting positive press, and being introduced to new players.

Special congratulations to Claire Delides (306) and David Pemberton (292) for achieving the two highest ever overall scores! As described in this session report, my daughter was the previous world record holder. In 2008 she achieved an overall score of 285, which has stood for over eight years (she was 10 at the time, and is now 18!), so it's quite an accomplishment to have two people finally beat it.

Well done to everyone for some great results, and kudos to WABA for organizing this event!
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