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May 2018 be all you dreamed it would be and be all that you dreamed...
Here continues the tale of Earth 2017. Disease is spreading across the planet at a rapid rate.

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The Narrative Tales - Legacies and Other Quests

Date - May 4th, 2017

Diary Entry - Colin the Colonel

Log Entry

It's late April and I get an un-marked manilla folder slipped under my door at 2 in the morning. This only happened once before and the less we talk about that cluster*@^&# of a mission the better.

I knew it was only time before the military was called in. I was just hoping they wouldn't come knocking on my door. These things have a way of being all liability followed by culpability, sprinkled with a dash of hypocracy. But this came from the top and their were brass balls all over it. I was the man because everyone else around here wears dresses.

I flew into Atlanta and was warmly greeted by an old co-worker from early in my career. Sarah was only a whippet back then but I saw potential in her work. She had worked with me in Africa on several occasions. I made the acquaintance of our Field Medic and I was glad to see that we had some other para-military in Quinn too.

I had been privy to some internal documentation on the CoDA situation but to this point it looked like things were well in hand. But most things turn to liquid effluent in your coffee cup when the general populace get involved (hell that is a metaphor for Vietnam if ever I head one) and this situation was no different. The CoDA virus had evolved again having found a way to transmit more freely than before and with each new reported case the civvies were going crazy. This team looks like they know what they are doing but at some point the Military is always called was that time.

The nature of this mission had to be Quarantine to stop this thing from turning fully into a global Pandemic. The rest of the team didn't know it yet but I also knew that some of this Faded crazies were going to be dealt with at the end of a barrel too. But for now the 'powers that be' don't want large scale exterminations, fearing what it might do to the delicate balance of the public psyche. My job was set up Road Blocks to aid the Quarantine efforts and when the rest of the team wasn't looking, remove excessive Faded by any military means possible.

Well...that was the plan. Apparently the CoDA Virus had a habit of mutating and then going quite again for a period. May was no different. The main threats were actually in Washington, New York and Sydney in the Pacific Rim. So we decided that North America was too important to ignore and we set out from Atlanta. It started off well and the early research efforts by the team looked promising too.

Then this thing went from a peace rally in D.C. to the Bay of Pigs in a handful of hours. Chennai was the initial hotspot, followed by Moscow. The team tells me that they hadn't seen a rate of spread this fast in all the months they have been on this thing. Istanbul, Baghdad, Tehran and Delhi all became Faded Cities in the blink of an eye. We were caught with our pants down on account of being horribly out of position. Moscow quickly became the new trouble spot on our 'global holiday' and it turned Saint Patersburg before my eyes as I was stationed there at the current time.

The team were reporting in regularly but as quickly as Quinn put up Quarantine zones, they were punctured by another Outbreak. Asia then flared up with another strain and that had Mike and Quinn busy. I was completely ineffective in getting Road Blocks in place and despite hearing some good news from Sarah (she had unlocked the Cure for the ills of Europe and North America), out goose was cooked...we just didn't know it yet.

I was just gearing up for a full on attack on Moscow and surrounds when word came in on our newly classified channels. Chennai had suffered a major Outbreak, which in turn sent Mumbai into a further Outbreak. This one was done, the region looked like a B-Grade Horror movie.

The force wasn't with us today...never was.

Further to that the Indians are fearful that Chennai is on the brink of total collapse and we now have Faded Cities in four regions. Only the Americas (North and South) are free of its spread. If I was in Command, I would have one finger over 'the' button. By the end of this month we will have a clearer picture if this thing is retrievable or not.

C115-B - End of Report

Supplementary Audio Log

This recording is for my family and as such it is off the military records. What I saw today in Saint Petersburg was god-awful. I fear it has changed me in some way. I don't feel as decisive anymore, I'm second-guessing my decisions and I feel just generally Overcautious. Well in relation to the possibility that research alone can save this situation anyway. Like always I haven't disclosed this to the Military...we both know what they are like with these matters.

I am sending this to you by standard mail to ensure it bypasses usual Military protocols. I hope it reaches you soon. Don't panic but Sheryl, get the kids and Rusty and spend some time with your sister in Colorado for a while...just till things stabalize. If this thing hits the States, all of you get up to the cabin in the mountains and hole up there until I can get further word to you. Check with Jenny and Carl that they have it well stocked for supplies.

I'll get word to you again as soon as I am able.

Love you Pumpkin...Oh yeah, renew my Yankees Season Ticket...that's an order soldier. :=)



Mission Diagnostics

Session Time - 41 Minutes

Outcome - Failure - Outbreaks...went to 10!

Pandemic Team

Mike the Medic

Sarah the Scientist

Quinn the Quarantine Expert

Colin the Colonel

Final Infection Rate - 3

# of Outbreaks - 8+

Cards Remaining - 21

Funding Provided - None

City Status - Chennai (Level 3), Moscow (2), Chicago (1)

Total Rioting Cities - Chennai (Level 3), Sydney, Essen + Moscow (Level 2 each)

Total Unstable Cities - Kolkata, Karachi, Riyadh, Madrid, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Beijing, Paris, Tehran, Bangkok, Bogota, Sao Paulo + Chicago

Faded Cities - Algeria, Cairo, Istanbul, Moscow, Baghdad, Karachi, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Jakarta + St Petersburg

Scars - Overcautious (Colin the Colonel)

Cures Found - Yellow, Red and Blue


Air Strike + Formidable (Sarah)

Character Bios

Geena the Generalist - Pilot Upgrade

Successful Deployments - 2

Mike the Medic - Local Connections Upgrade, Brother of Otis the Operations Expert

Successful Deployments - 4

Failures - 2

Sarah the Scientist - Co-Worker of Quinn the Quarantine Specialist and Colin the Colonel, Archive Access Upgrade and Formidable Upgrade

Successful Deployments - 4

Failures - 2

Quinn the Quarantine Specialist - Co-worker of Sarah the Scientist, Local Pressure Upgrade

Successful Deployments - 3

Failures - 2

Rachael the Researcher -

Successful Deployments - 1

Otis the Operations Expert - Brother of Mike the Medic

Successful Deployments - 2

Failures - 1

Scars - Fear of Small Planes

Colin the Colonel - Co-worker of Sarah the Scientist

Successful Deployments - 0

Failures - 1

Scars - Overcautious


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Narrative Tales - Legacies and Other Campaigns
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