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Mario Januar
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XXCHA Kingdom Official Report
War Diplomat JUNN
Twilight War Star Date 17/6/07

As we never believe in war itself, in this Twilight War era we are able to maintain peace with everyone (except uneasy tension with ruthless Sardak N’orr) and do not even firing a single laser (except 2 our cruiser lost due to Sardak N’orr PDS before we could do peaceful annexation in one of their system).
Since the beginning we try to achieve victory peacefully, we even approach Sardakk Trade guild to make transaction, but their proud government refuse our offer while other race didn’t even look at them.
I can see that Sardak is very ambitious to expand their border, so we try to advance carefully to not inflame our aggressive neighbor. While L1Z1X is across galaxy I can see they are pursue technology at all cost (and they manage to achieve War Sun Technology first) and even build massive dreadnought force, while the Naalu make some mistake, their cunning and slimy tactic manage to muster a very massive fleet.

In the mid era of war Sardak able to achieve their dream to invade Mecatol, this event enrage L1Z1X and Naalu as they had massive fleet. Both of them even seal a pact to push Sardak occupation.
It is a very massive & fierce battle, L1Z1X and Naalu hand in hand attacking parameter system and Mecatol Rex, and press forward to their home system.
This event concern Sardakk a lot, since both race is ready to knock their front door. They realize that their ambition is not backup up by their finance, they lack of fleet and technology, to balance thing they executing an old school strategy.
In final year Sardakk Diplomat in their desperate attempt to secure their victory make a disgraceful accusation that we, XXCHA playing a “puppet master” to wage war between L1ZiX , Naalu and them. This accusation immediately bring L1Z1X and Naalu attention to our progress, tension is build, our relation with Naalu and L1Z1X become unstable from that moment.

Out of Fear we focus our resource and effort to build up defensive force. We manage to build up massive Dreadnought Fleet, equip our entire border planet with PDS, also manage to speed up all warfare technology to assure that other race will think twice before struck us. The most proud achievement, we able to muster the largest Ground Force in the galaxy, to defend our soil against any invasion force.
Sadly the divided attention of L1Z1X due the persuasion of Sardak Diplomat bear its fruit, somehow L1Z1X losing his focus to press forward to Sardakk Home system.

In the end era of war we are facing a dilemma, we had a choice to postpone Sardak victory, in expense of our merit achievement, in technology advance, our gathering decide that we should gamble to hope that L1Z1X able to punch through to their home system and still maintain peace with us, but we must admit since the accusation, our gathering worry that L1Z1X suddenly using the wormhole to attack us, not to mention Naalu massive fleet is standing very near to our border system (we even do not firing our PDS in hope we can maintain peace as long as we can with the Naalu).
Sardak strategy really works, since we must put our attention to build up defense out of fear, Sardakk also able to use Diplomacy channel to stop any invasion from L1Z1X, while massive Naalu Fleet still 2 systems away. Nothing can stop Sardak to claim Imperial Throne.

In the end XXCHA are also able to achieve full merit but our speed is lost to Sardakk, it is indeed a dark time, the galactic consul have been disassembled, Sardak accession spread fear across galaxy, we are retreating and must prepare another era of war because the rest of galaxy is restless now while the dark side sit on the throne….

Note : I use some story style, so some event cannot interpret as is.
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