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Subject: Zombies Variant Version 00 rss

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Zachary Koch
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Welp, i've been thinking for awhile about doing a variant for zombies. I was mostly inspired by the Raccon City map for starcraft to make this variant.

Here's what i jotted down so far

00 Prototype

Layout: Pre-made City.

Differences: Zombie Player, Police Player, Army Player, barricades, ‘Resource’ Buildings, stacking

Stacking System; The zombies can stack 3 units per road on any empty squares, the same applies for police and civilian players.

Zombie Horde
Player controls all zombies on the board, starts with 12 zombies place anywhere on the board.
Spawn Points: Open road ends, ‘Resource’ buildings can become spawn points
Modifications: Can move up to 2 squares, cannot move through barricades.
Special Abilities
Random Spawn-Roll 1 D6, on a 5 or 6 a zombie spawns on any empty road piece or within a zombie stacked road piece. If the player rolls 6 then 2 zombies appear. Horde Bonus- Zombies that are stacked receive +1 to attack/defense roll.

Police Force
Player controls all police units, starts with 5 placed anywhere on board.
Spawn Points: Police Station
Modifications: Can move 3 spaces, start with 5 bullets.
Special Abilities
Deputize Citizens: Police player can create one police unit per turn, must be placed at police stations
Erect Barricade: Instead of moving or attacking, police units can erect one barricade, maximum of 3 per square. One unit can build one barricade at a time. If three units are present, they can erect three barricades in one turn. Each barricade adds +1 to the defense roll of any police, army, or civilian unit in that square. It costs -1 movement to go through one barricade for all living units. Barricades can be destroyed by zombies on a roll of 3+, considered an attack move.

Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
Player controls all HECU units, starts with 4 deployed within 2 squares of each other. HECU can not receive bonuses from resource buildings.
Spawn Points: Can be deployed by helicopter anywhere in the city.
Modifications: Can move 3 spaces, starts with 6 bullets, has +1 defense roll against zombies/humans and +1 offense roll against humans.
Special Abilities
Reinforcements: up to 6 reserve units can be further deployed, 3 per turn, anywhere on the board.

Each player controls a civilian, starts wherever on the map.
Spawn Points: None
Modifications: Can move 4 spaces.
Special Abilities
Recruitment: Civilians can recruit other citizens, on a 2+ the citizen joins you and can recruit other citizens. Civilians must be in the same space to recruit.

Resource Buildings
Civilians and Police receive bonuses from these buildings.

Police Station: +1 Bullet per turn
Sporting Goods: + 2 bullets per turn, only one player can receive this bonus per turn.
Fire Station: +1 to barricades (meaning zombies must roll 4+ to break them down)
Gas Station: +2 Movement to police units.
Skate Shop: +1 civilian unit’s move
Army Surplus Store: +1 Attacks against zombies.
Hospital: +1 life to civilian and police units.

Comments and Criticisms welcome with open arms. Remember, this is just version 00.
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