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Subject: "Eek! I broke a nail!"--A Conan scenario rss

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Tim DeForest
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Conan and Belit usually make their living as pirates, but are open to taking in a little cash doing other odd jobs--such as rescuing a nobleman's spoiled daughter from a evil cult.

The cult, by the way, plans to sacrifice the girl (Lady Diva) to their dark gods and use that sacrifice to raise a foul and loathsome creature from the pits of hell itself.

Conan and Belit team up with expert woodsman Balthus and trail the cultists to their temple. They need to rescue the girl or--if they fail to do this--slay the monster that the cultists have summoned.

MAP: The Citadel.


Conan (2-handed sword, dagger, chain mail)
Savage Belit (Pirate Saber, parrying dagger, leather armor)
Balthus (Slasher, Bossonian Bow, dagger, leather armor)

Each Hero starts with 3 tokens in his Fatigue Zone.


Hyperborian Primitive (with Yojur's Awakening & Set's Illusion;
Giant Snake (2 tiles on River)
Bossonian Archers (4)
Bossonian Guards (5)
Mummies (5)
Skeletons (5)
Event Tile

Thog enters the game if the Princess is sacrificed.

Order on River: Guards, Mummies, Giant Snake (7 lives), Hyperborian (7 lives), Archers, Giant Snake, Event Tile, Skeletons

The Overlord has 14 tokens. He starts with 5 tokens in his Fatigue Zone and his Recovery Value is 5.

The Hero goes first

Set-up: The Heroes enter through the rear door of the citadel (where the green flag is). The Overlord may set up his figures in any areas at least two areas away from this, with no more than 3 figures in an area.

The Overlord places a token or piece of furniture in one of the two areas adjacent to the spiked pit. This represents the controls for the clockwork device that is slowly lowering Lady Diva into the spikes.

: There are four chests, placed in four separate rooms at the Overlord's discretion. (He may not, though, place a chest in either of the two areas surrounding the spiked pit or in a hallway.) The chest contains: Life Potion; Crossbow, Explosive Orb; Key

The token for the Princess is used for the spoiled Lady Diva. Place this on the Spiked pit. No character may otherwise enter the spiked pit during the game.

Lady Diva is locked in clockwork device that is lowering her slowly to eventually be impaled on the spikes. Use the Turn Tracker to count this down. Start with a marker on "8." At the end of each turn, after the Overlord finishes his actions, move the marker down. If it reaches "0" before Lady Diva is rescued, then her token is removed from the game. Thog is placed in one of the two areas adjacent to the pit and his tile replaces the Event Tile on the River.

Thog has 8 lives. IF the players don't mind taking a little extra care to keep track of Thog's lives and want the game to be more challenging, Thog may start with 10 lives.

If a Hero is in the same area as the Clockwork Controls, he may perform a complex manipulation. Hindering rules apply. If he gets 3 successes, he has turned off the Clockwork and released the lady. Her token is placed in either of the areas surrounding the pit. She may proceeds to throw a temper tantrum and refuses to walk under her own power. She must be picked up and carried away by the Heroes. Her Encumbrance value is 5.

If the Hero trying to free Diva has the Key, then only 1 success is needed to free her. Hindering rules still apply to the attempt.

Once Diva is free, the Overlord will not attack her because there is hope she can be recaptured (if the Heroes are killed) and the sacrifice still made.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Heroes win if they get away with Diva. Heroes may only leave through the back entrance. If Diva is sacrificed and Thog appears, the Heroes win by killing Thog.


The Overlord as 4 Reinforcement points.

When activating the Event Tile, the Overlord may:

1. Use Reinforcement points. Reinforcements arrive at the front entrance of the Citadel--marked by Orange flags.

2. If Diva is still a prisoner AND if the Hyperborean is in the same area as the Clockwork Controls, roll one yellow die. This may not be rerolled. If the role shows 2 successes, move the marker on the Turn Tracker down one.

3. If the Diva has been rescued and is being carried by a Hero, then she throws another fit, complaining that she broke a nail, her dress is absolutely ruined and her hair is a mess! You really can't blame her---her hair IS a mess. The Hero carrying her MUST take a cautious stance on his next turn. Roll a yellow die that may not be rerolled. If there are 2 successes, her kicking and scratching inflicts one wound on the Hero. No defense or armor may be used.

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John Foughty
United States
Saint Louis
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Hey, great work! I put together a setup map (my suggestions for Overlord starting positions) and skelos tile set here:

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Tim DeForest
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johnmattf wrote:
Hey, great work! I put together a setup map (my suggestions for Overlord starting positions) and skelos tile set here:

Awesome. Thanks for doing this.
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