Yohan Chevallier
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Hello Everyone!

Before I give you any information about the game, I'll introduce myself quickly:

Yohan Chevallier, 25, board games amateur for 2 years. I come from France but I live in Switzerland for 10 years. (Yeah, eater of the legendary Baguette)
I came here because I am finally ready to share my creation after 1 year of work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys

For information, this game has been tested by about 30 people, the feedback is really positive and test sessions will be held in Switzerland within 2 weeks. You are invited if you have enough courage to come here!

You can find the bulk of the data and photos on the dedicated Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/escapethemist/ and here https://www.trictrac.net/forum/sujet/proto-escape-the-mist (in french). As for the rules of the game and deeper explanations, I'll write them in 2 weeks (because of the translation), so please, be attentive and do not hesitate to write any comment.
I’m also ready to answer to your questions if you have any.

The rules are live in French here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kHnfzNVnbWRqUHD0c20QXmuj...

If you see some mistakes in the following post, please say it and i'll correct it as soon as possible

About the story

After a terribly long journey, you and your crew finally see it!
Hidden behind a wall of strange mist, the island which legends speak stands in front of you and challenge you to come and plunder it.

Placed behind your helm, you navigate as fast as the wind when suddenly one of your men utters a cry. Before even being able to react, you hear the crash of the hull against a reef then lose consciousness ...

When you wake up, you are lying on the beach, your mouth full of sand.
Near you, the few survivors of the shipwreck beckon you to join them to see what they have discovered.
An imposing stone monkey stands at the edge of the jungle and warn visitors with a message engraved on its base:

/!\ (This text may not have any meaning and does not rhyme in English, I would adapt the text in English later, you can help me to do it if you want) /!\

"I am the creator and by these words I sentence you
You who just wash ashore a bit of my soul
In a few days, your body will be mine
Unless you are smart enough to shine
Whether you are a thief, a pirate or a traveller
I leave you a chance if you are not a coward
To find a crystal, a key to dissipate
The haze fatal to anyone who wants to steal me "

/!\ (This text may not have any meaning and does not rhyme in English, I would adapt the text in English later, you can help me to do it if you want) /!\

Right after you finish to read this curious poem, a horde of creatures with misty eyes surround you, capture you and drag you for hours deep down in the jungle until seemingly wooden cages.

You have been waiting for several hours and you still do not understand what is happening on this island ...
This madness must stop, it is time to leave!

About the game

"Escape The Mist" is a game whose goal is to leave as soon as possible the island, so it is mainly a race.

Victory conditions:
- Have 5 parts of raft in your inventory (to combine them) which implies a craft mechanic.
- Have a crystal of mist.
- Be on an "exit" square (a beach).
- Have a Remaining Action to "Leave".
- Be the first to go (equality is possible).

During your experience, you will meet “Foggers” (or “Brumeux” in french), you can choose to fight or bribe them. You will experience events as you explore the island and you will suffer the effects of various phenomena as time passes (day and night cycle).
You will have to handle other players (fights and exchanges) because they can fight you and grab your hard-gleaned stuff. (if they're brave enough arrrh)
You will be able to collect doubloons that will serve you to bribe Foggers you do not want / cannot fight. Doubloons also serve for exchanges and are very useful to buy what you need from the merchant of the island.

I really like to have many ways to win a game, that’s why you will have the choice to build your own strategy.

Thank you again for reading this post !

At least but not last, my apologies, my English is far from being perfect...

So, what do you think about that game and at this step about the design?
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