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Subject: My 3 mini expansion rss

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Łukasz S
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I finished my original pnp version of this game and this my and
Planszowy Dobromir
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last ideas:

0) Scorpio My new Special Unit. Less strong than Titan but still good. Scorpio has 5 Health Point, 2 Battle Die (hit when roll 1-4), his cost is 16 for each race(i dont know how I can balance cost so i give him 16) and his special ability is "Electromagnetic impulse. Before the Space Battle Scorpio deactivate 2 enemy ships(except special units) for this batlle". This units still are in battle and can receive hits but they not use his fire.

1)Tactical cards. Tactical card is not strong like "race card" an we use them only during the space or ground battle. Each race has 20 tactics and before the start of the game choose 10 tactics. When player want use tactics cards he must pay 1 or 2 resourcers. After this he must discard cards which he used in this battle.
Tactical cards have some effects not strong like others cards in game but for example "during the first round of the battle 2 of my cruisers has 2 battle die" or "before the battle 2 of my fighters roll battle die" or "before the second round of battle you can retreat 2 of your units into home system". Something like this.

2) Projects. This my newest idea. Projects are more advanced abilities for Special Units (Titan, Star Base, Colossi and Scorpio)
Each race has 5 projects cards and before the game player can choose 2 of them. During the game he can research this project but this is not so easy and quickly.
He must play 13th action on action sheet "Project" a few times and he must spend some resourcers and Science Point. Each system with planet we control give us 1 Science Point during the status phase.They can cumulate, like crystals.
When player finish his project, he receive this card and place it in his player zone.
I imagine this like "hmm my Titan was destroyed, I will return with him, but more powerful, to revenge".
For example one Project card need 2 or 3 "Project" action, 15 resources and 12 science points.
And his ability(for example) "When my starbase join the battle, add 3 fighters to battle" or "My Titan now has 10 health points" or "My Colossi now use 5 die during the battle" or "My Titan place 4 ground force instead of 2". Something like this.

3)Objective Cards in game. We usually play long version of game until 13-14 points. I want improve the ways of receiving Antimatter. Before the game from 15 Objective Cards we choose 2 cards and place them in game zone.
For 2-3 player game each Card have 1 place to race marker
For 4-6 player game each Card have 2 place to race marker
During the game player can fulfill Card and place his race marker on the card. He receive 1 Antimatter point.
This 2 Cards are not main way to receive Antimatter but additional. You must hurry up because only 1(or 2) players can fulfill Card(we dont have place for more race markers).
Simply Objective: "I spend 20 crystals" or "I have 20 ground forces on the map" or "I control 5 systems" or "I control at least 4 wormholes(from buildings, systems and others) or "I destroyed 7 ships round only using space battle". Something like this.

4) Secret Leader Each race has 4 secret leaders.
Each leader has 1 extra Action (green, blue, red or brwon).
Player before the game choose 1 Secret Leader with his actions.
For example i choose Leader with Green Action. In game I can use it and make 4th action in round from Green Actions (Colonize, Building, Diplomacy).

I will insert all Tactical, Project and Objective cards with text but no today
I make this ideas bcs I want make more ways to win and more strategy concepts

What do you think about this idea Emil?
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Emil Larsen
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Hey Łukasz,

That's some really cool ideas. I like them.
As you also write, you're into the longer games, and certainly there would be a difference in people's interests there. But I do really like the concepts you're toying around with.

It's pretty certain that some sort of "mission"-concept will end up in a future expansion. Something about secret or open ways of gaining some antimatter etc.

I'm all ears on more strategy concepts - it's a fun process, and who knows. Maybe I'll just have to credit you guys for something in the future. And certainly you'll be among the play testers

Thanks for the inspiration, I'm looking forward to having you play the final game as well.
Best regards Emil
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