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So I played Feast for Odin for the first time last night at a friend's house. My first game was a 2-player game that I won in a squeaker, 89-87. I made plenty of beginner mistakes but this was a great game and I look forward to seeing it hit the table again.

My final tally:

Ships 16
Emigration 21
Exploration 0
Houses 20
Cattle 0
Occupations 5
Silver 11
Income 18
Crown 2

Negative 4

Ironically, in a 2-player game you'd think that the players would have plenty of room on the action mat to not get in each other's way. You'd be wrong about that. We both decided to focus on raiding and pillaging as one of our primary strategies. Once I realized what was going on, around turn 3 or 4, I flipped the script and started deliberately focusing on as many 1-Viking actions as possible in order to prolong my turns and keep control of the first player token so as to be able to use the 2-Viking pillage action each turn.

Major beginner mistakes or rules that I glossed over:

(1) I built three longships early thinking that I could ultimately get to a +9 value by loading ore onto all of them. Apparently it doesn't work that way. I emigrated one of the longships and would gladly have emigrated the second (I only used it for the two-longship/4-Viking plunder action once). In the future, I can't see myself building more than 2 longships and I might well stick with just 1, and instead get a more diversified fleet.

(2) I forgot for a long time that upgrade can upgrade red food (which can't go into the home board) into green items (which can). Fortunately, with two houses (both of the ones that have a possible bonus pelt, the kind that can be bought alongside a longship in the 4-Viking build action), I did have places to stash excess food, but I do wish I'd realized earlier that large red tiles are much more useful for upgrading to green than for just feasting on. However, about midway through the game, I also got an occupation that allowed me to draw three weapons and a silver every time I feasted on whale meat or boar meat (or whatever that large hunting meat is), so I kept using that anyway.

(3) I didn't realize just how nice some of the bonuses from some of the new tiles are for the first few turns. Bonus wood, stone, ore, mead, and knives (or whatever the 2-square blue tile is) are good, but I still should have focused more on getting my house bonuses first.

As for my opponent, neither one of us took an expansion island and he didn't even take any houses. He focused on raiding/pillaging, hunting/trapping, and livestock. He ultimately had zero negative points but I still came out ahead on that because of having houses (so net +16 from two 10-point houses that were the source of my only 4 negatives).

A great game and I'm looking forward to playing it again.
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