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Subject: Tulsa Regional Results (Skirmish) rss

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Ryan Stripling
United States
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This is a repost from the FFG forums, but for those who are only active on the geek, here is my session report for the Tulsa Regional.

Yesterday was the Regional at Covenant in Tulsa. While I was disappointed to see that only seven people came out, I was pleased with my play and enjoyed the quality competition. With only seven, we played three rounds of swiss and a top four cut. I went undefeated in swiss, but then I lost in my first round after the cut in an extremely close game. Grant from Vader’s Finest went on to win it all.

I had the only Rebel list. I ran Jedi Luke, Obiwan, eSabs with Targeting Computer, Lando, Gideon, C3PO, and an Alliance Smuggler. I got rather lucky, as I’ll note, but still I think my list was competitive and was happy with how it stacked up against other lists.

The other lists were four Scum, three of which had a Rancor with the other just running a bunch of hunter/smugglers, and two Imperials, both of which had Captain Terro.

Overview of My Rounds

Round One
My first match was up against a nice guy, whose name I think was Aaron, who had a Captain Terro list, with two eStormy groups (one was Cross Trained) with Blaise and some eJets and Zillo. The match was on the ISB map, but unfortunately for him it was the mission where you place cameras, which is rough when you have so many figures. I drew Devotion first round and so I was able to Son of Skywalker and kill Captain Terro before he was able to be a factor. His strategy for the rest of the match was to ignore Jedi Luke and concentrate on everyone else, which almost worked for him (he killed everyone but Jedi Luke and Lando), but Luke did his work and in the end I won 40 to around 30. Despite the rules changes, his elite stormies were still wrecking things and remain a viable anchor for lists in my opinion.

Round Two
This match was against Jessie from Vader’s Finest, who was running a Rancor, Jabba, HKs, Bossk, Vinto, and a Temporarily Allied C3PO. He didn’t have Beast Tamer, which can still work out for the Rancor, but in our match it cost him. We were on the Anchorhead Cantina map, playing the mission with the patrons.
Here I got lucky again and drew Planning in my first three cards, which then netted my Devotion, which meant I again had Son of Skywalker on turn one. He moved Bossk up to the right side, and I opened my door with my Alliance Smuggler. Next he moved up with Vinto and opened the door. I responded by taking a pot shot at him with Lando, who dealt three damage. But that enticed his HKs to move up and then he was able to kill Lando (I think one was focused). I responded with my Sabs, who killed an HK with a focused attack and then I think Vinto rolled a dodge. He moved up with his Rancor, but without Beast Tamer he didn’t get an attack in. I had Urgency, so I was able to move Luke up for two attacks, and then I Son of Skywalked to get in two more, leaving him mostly dead.
Second round I had Take Initiative (I know, my command cards were with me this game), and so Luke killed off the Rancor and then did more damage to Vinto, I think. From there the game went my way. I picked off his units and he wasn’t able to make much of a dent in mine. It didn’t help him that I rolled an X on two of his attacks, including a focused Bossk attack on Luke. He played well, but my opening onslaught and early luck was too much to come back from.

Round Three
This time I was up against Grant from Vader’s Finest, who had a Rancor with Feeding Frenzy, a Nexu with Feeding Frenzy, HKs, Jabba, and Bossk. We played the Lair of the Dianoga mission.
So, yet again I drew Devotion in my first set of cards, which meant that I had Son of Skywalker first round three games in a row. I started by pinging the dianoga with Sabs and Lando. He opened the door with Bossk and then moved up his HKs and took out one of my Sabs. He actually took his rancor up the top hallway, so I moved Luke all the way up to Bossk and took three attacks with Son of Skywalker, killing him.
The next round he moved his Nexu up and did some damage to Luke, but Luke retaliated in kind and killed him. By the end of that round he had swung his rancor back to the doorway and I had moved my other units up to join the fray.
The next round I took out his rancor and his HKs (who routinely rolled triple surges and only ended up doing a damage or two) and that was it. It was my first time playing the map without someone killing off the dianoga.

This meant I was the only undefeated player after Swiss, which was rewarding, even if some luck helped me along the way. The other three players who made the top four cut were Grant, Jessie, and Dennis, a regular at Covenant.

Top Four
My match up was against Dennis, who had a Rancor, Beast Tamer, Jabba, HKs, eWeequays, and Bossk. We played the security stations mission on the ISB map, which is not great for me (I just don't think I have my head wrapped around how to play this one yet).
This match was neck and neck the whole way. By the end of round one I had killed Bossk and damaged the Rancor, but he had done some work to Obiwan and done a little damage to Luke. He had ferocity at the end of round one as well, so that hurt. I killed his rancor, just barely (I had to reroll my yellow die with my second sab, and had to roll the one damage, two surges side, and luckily I did), but then his HKs annihilated Luke. I think I had four damage on him, which seemed safe at the time, but then he played Priority Target and Tools of the Trade, so he rolled two blues, a yellow, a green, and a red. I added a white die (even though he had the forced rerolls), but he still got 8 damage through and his other HK finished me off. I was pretty shocked, but I thought I still had the advantage with both Bossk and the Rancor gone. However, he was able to finish of Obiwan with some lucky rolls in his next activation, and my last heavy hitter not getting to survive long enough to take out an HK really hurt me. I still kept it close, but in the end he eeked out a win. I think I could have won, in retrospect, if I had swung my alliance smuggler over to the lone security station instead of leaving him by the terminal. In the end, I could only get to 39 before he reached 40. The only way I could have won was if C3PO had managed a double X, after the HK’s forced reroll, but that was asking too much of the gaming gods. I’m still a little frustrated with myself because I think I could have won the game if I had played the mid-game a little differently, but still it was a fun, hard-fought game.

Overall, I really like my list. Lando is a little soft (especially when I think about what 6 points will soon get you in Imperial—looking at you BT-1), but he can really wreck things sometimes and has the versatility of hitting from far away or close up. Plus his card is awesome and Resourceful is such a powerful ability. The Sabs continue to be powerful units, especially when both are focused first round for their power strike. Obiwan fits perfectly with this list, and he certainly earned his points. Mostly, though, Jedi Luke is impressive. Granted, I pulled Son of Skywalker a ridiculous amount of times, but then again that’s why I have Devotion and Planning in there. Still, even when he doesn’t manage to get off his card, he is a wrecking ball and has to be reckoned with. I would have liked to play against another Jedi Luke list, perhaps with Alliance Rangers, or a mirror match, but still I matched up well against quality competition, so I felt today was a success.

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