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Subject: First play through review and questions rss

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Zachary Griner
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My wife, flatmate and I played our first game last night, and we all really enjoyed it! I was crocodiles, wife was bears, and the flatmate was gorillas.

I had watched your hour long youtube video, and read through the rulebook multiple times before we sat down. The game took us about 2.5 hours which I think was good for a first run through of a game this size.

We had a few questions that we had to wing it on, but the game play over all went smoothly and we were close in points at the end (around 35-42 each).

We are very excited to play again over the weekend and try new species.


1. Do you have to play all of your cards, or can you hold them? I read in another forum here that you can hold them, and I wanted to confirm that. I did not find it in the rules and I assumed you had to discard and draw at the end of your turn, so it is best to play out the cards.

2. Crocodiles allow you to play a card from the board if you discard a fear in summer. What happens when you play it? Does that count as buying it? Does it get taken from the game? Shuffled back in to the deck? Just stay there until someone buys it? We ended up shuffling it into the deck as we were not too sure.

3. How many times can you activate your population in the appropriate season? If I have 10 energy can I make 2 crocodiles in Summer, or is it limited to 1 per cycle?

4. If you go over 50 points do you just go back to the 0 and keep going up?

5. If you lose a battle and there are not unoccupied spaces around you do you lose the unit, or are you forced into an occupied one?

6. Can you move a unit (turns to sleepy side), use a card that makes them active again, and then move them again since they are now active?

7. Is there a silverback token? I can not seem to find one, and we only took out the tokens right before we played.

Turns out I had a bit more questions that I thought I had.

Again, thank you very much for making the game. We really enjoyed the game and we can't wait to play again.
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Corey Le Mesurier
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Hey Zachary, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The first game is always a long one, but future games should be smoother.

1. You can hold cards. It's sometimes a good strategy if you want to chain together your Behaviour cards. You just have to draw back up to 5 at the end of your turn.

2. You play it and then it returns to the line-up. You won't automatically acquire it. Just get its Energy and potential ability for the turn.

3. As much as you can afford! Often a good idea to save up for a big season.

4. Yep, that's it.

5. You are first into an occupied one and then that battle will be resolved before the end of the turn.

6. You sure can! Flipping them back to their active side gives you your normal movement back.

7. Yeah, there is a silverback token, it'll be purple too but have a bigger gorilla in different positions on it.

My pleasure and let me know if you have another questions!
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