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Solitary Man

I am playing the modified version dividing Sputnik's tiles into three categories: Rails, Tubes, and NR/NT (No-Rails/No-Tubes). They are used during Lap scoring to determine majorities of rockets, crystals, and red tiles. During End Game scoring, Sputnik collects taxes on all of the tiles in your blue print while you score the second end game condition.

This was my second attempt against Sputnik with this scoring combo as my earlier test was an absolute failure. By the end of the second lap of the first game I knew it was a hopeless endeavor. Spot and Sputnik had conspired to prevent me from gaining a single red tile/rocket/crystal so Sputnik was rolling in the dough while I was struggling to make ends meet and I decided a restart was in order.

From the first lap I could tell I was in control. I had four rockets and three red tiles compared to Sputnik's two Rail tiles and one NR/NT (No-Rail/No-Tube) tile used for scoring. With two majorities, I scored 12 points to add to my one for a total of 13 after one lap (you may notice Sputnik was not awarded any points even though he satisfied the second place conditions for two categories; I will not correct this until the end of the game).

During the second lap, I was able to add a fifth rocket and two crystals. This allowed me to maintain my lead in rockets and red tiles while gaining me the majority in crystals. Add 18 points to my overall score for a total of 29. (Sputnik scores 6, plus 4 from round one, total 10)

My third lap was a productive turn gaining me five new tiles including a fourth red tile. I was also able to activate a pair of Reactors gathering another four crystals to bump my total to six. With my five existing rockets and Sputnik trailing me in all three (rockets/crystals/red tiles), I was able to net another 18 points for a third lap score of 57 (Sputnik adds 6 to 10 for a total of 16).

In the final lap, a fifth red tile (the Mayor's Quarters) was added to my blue print granting me 2 points for every "dome" tile, of which, I had five (+10 points). It also triggered three quarters allowing me to send three astronauts into orbit on three shiny new rockets, increasing my total to eight rockets. With the edition of the +14 Launcher to my blue print, I was able to end the last lap with 103 (+16 from lap scoring) to Sputnik's piddly 22 points (+6 from lap scoring). Looking good, but the games not over yet.

In the end, I had four sets of dome/triangle/star tiles to add +16 points for Diversity end game scoring. Sputnik collected taxes on my 18 tiles for an additional 72 points.

Final Scores: Me(119), Sputnik(94)

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