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Subject: What can you grit? rss

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The question has been asked before and I have been reading some of the older posts:

But have anybody gotten any clear answers by now from the designers?

I would love a clear definition, but even a long list of yes and no from the designers would be much appreciated.

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Vadim Golembo
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From what understand you can grit anything you are using your skill for or have paid to participate in.

If you find anything more official post it here.
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Matteo B.
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I think this is the most official reply we can find (from Joel Flamme and Amy Stone, playtesters, and Jason Hill, designer):

Q: Was there confirmation from FFP as to which rolls Grit can be used for?
A: Kinda. It's been briefly touched on by FFP, but there isn't really a robust ruling. The best I can do is:
you can grit rolls that your Hero is specifically instructed to make, but not rolls that the player is. If this sounds weird and confusing, that's because it is. Some cases are straight forward - you can grit your To Hit rolls, but not a monster's. Some are not - you can't grit Corruption To-Hit Rolls from Dark Stone. I suppose if you think of the latter as an attack made by the Dark Stone itself against your Hero that Hits on a [1-3], then it's consistent with the logic from the former.
Examples of things you CAN Grit:
- Tests your hero makes
- Things that happen as a result of visiting a town space (because your hero is responsible for those rolls, because the Town Game is really just a bunch of people parallel playing their own single player mini-games)
- Attacks your Hero makes
- Saves of all Kinds
- Damage Rolls
- Travel Events (which is weird cause you can't grit Mutations)
Examples of things you CAN'T Grit:
- Hold Back the Darkness
- Monster attacks and choices
- Rolling to see how many Dark Stone Corruption Hits you have to defend again
- Rolls that could conceivably be made by people who aren't even playing (random Hero, random turn direction, etc)
- Any Other rolls made on behalf of the game's AI (random Hero roll, Which Elite Ability a Monster Has rolls, How Many Zombies Are Here rolls, etc)
- Mutations (which is weird cause you can grit Travel Events)

Some of these could be cogently argued for the other side, so feel free to do whatever you gotta do to make the game balanced and fun until FFP gives us something a little more solid.

Q: When may Grid be used?
A: "Note that as the game itself is playing the Enemies, it is up to other players to actually roll the dice for the Enemies’ Attacks. A player should not roll the Enemy Attacks on their own Hero (that would be bad form). Instead, one of the other players should roll the dice for the Enemy Attacks against you (rulebook page 27)."
"Using Grit
A hero can use grit to do one of three things:
-Use 1 grit to reroll any number of dice that [YOU] just rolled.
-Use 1 grit to add an extra D6 to your movement.
-Use grit to activate a special ability or item that requires it (rulebook page 7)."

Also there's this thread that's useful:
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Jee Fu
United States
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As the author of some of the content in the above links, I can state with confidence that I have adapted my opinions since those posts were made due to the changing landscape of the game (and also due to direct contact with FFP). While those links still offer reasonable guidelines, they no longer represent a comprehensive snapshot of the Grit rules I employ. Some of them also contradict others, and without an official FAQ it's basically one giant "up to you".

What is still true, is this: Building a Hero that is insanely good at recovering Grit is fairly trivial. Given this, the more rolls you allow to be "grittable", the more powerful such builds become - exponentially - relative to the rest of the game. For instance, if you let Grit affect mandatory Chart Rolls (Injury/Madness/Town Events/Travel Hazards/Rewards/etc.), then Heroes who have focused on fast Grit-recovery will be one-stop shops for solutions to basically any problem. Why obtain Gear/Upgrades that effect specific situations (like letting you re-roll Mutations or Travel Hazards) when you could obtain ones that let you recover Grit? Why go for extra money-making when you could go for Grit instead and just use it on rewards? Why go for Healing when I can just use Grit to re-roll results that put me in dangerous situations?

In a world where I can control every single aspect of my Hero's fortune with a single stat, why on Earth would I ever stack anything else?

In ^this^ world, if an Upgrade or piece of Gear doesn't increase your ability to kill things or your ability to generate/hold Grit, it's objectively a sub-optimal choice. This guts the game-play considerably, because it offers the player less interesting choices. You can of course make sub-optimal decisions knowingly, for the sake of keeping things challenging, but at that point you're playing a game in which prosperity and satisfaction are mutually exclusive. The human brain is wired to abandon situations like this, and will not abide them for long.

I recommend making your own list of what can/can't be Gritted, and keeping it handy at the table so you can update it constantly (and you will be, cause there are loads of special cases that expertly defy attempts at robust solutions). I also recommend being ruthless when it comes to stuff you disallow Grit for, as being regularly forced to respond to - and overcome - catastrophe is far more engaging than never having to deal with it at all.

- Jee
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Great insight Jee, that is also what I have been thinking. Would still love a definite answer from the developers, but unless that arrives, im thinking og doing it like this:

CAN grit:

Items that risk a discard via use

Spirit Armor
Dynamite bounce
Bandage, whiskey and herb


CAN'T grit:

Enemy attack, dmg, choices and elite ability
Selecting a hero randomly
Hold back the darkness
Corruption hits taken from dark stone
Adventure rewards
Determine if there is a travel hazard

Injury chart
Madness chart
Mutation chart
Leveling-up chart
Travel hazard chart
Town space chart

I know I made the game a bit harder by excluding some rerolls, but I feel they make sence and that I found a nice balance, while also making it very easy to remember.

Have I missed anything? Or any thoughts?
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Would still love to hear what people think or what they do
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