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Ace Ventura
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This strategy revolves greatly on exhausting your opponent’s cards and oinks with each passing turn as he continuously damage your wall of monsters while suffering the effects of your combo cards. The defence in this strategy is that you will have a wall of high health monsters to protect you from any direct damage from the player. The offence in this strategy is that with each passing turn, your opponent loses health and possibly oinks as well. Your opponents have a higher chance of decking out than losing health. The lack of powerful offensive cards is compensated by a good defence. Therefore, this is a passive yet aggressive strategy against your opponent.

This strategy can be executed with any basic card deck but it will be more effective with the spell card ‘Pillars of Ice’. In addition, if any of the combos is prevented, most of the monsters on its own are strong enough to deal damage and also to take powerful hits before going to the graveyard. This strategy is good enough to face off against most basic decks due to its durability against damages.

Deck Assembly:
1) Armoured Horns (high health)
2) Butthead Male (moderate health and high attack)
3) Bushfang Female (combo with Bushfang Male)
4) Bushfang Male (combo with Bushfang Female)
5) Horn Drake (moderate health and high attack)
6) Octoweb (combo with Snare seal)
7) Conch Spike (seal opponent’s charge bar)
8) Snare Seal (combo with Octoweb)
9) Fire Worm (addition of damage to cards)
10) Hot Wheels (addition of damage to cards)

Oink Distribution:
9 Green Ohif oinks
7 Blue Esbner oinks
2 White Ukelele oinks
2 Red Ashw oinks

Early game:
Firstly, on the first turn, Horn Drake should be summoned for the free summon as it is the only card that is Ukelele, if not, chances of losing from deck out is high. Depending on the monsters that you draw, if it is any of the monsters in the list below, it should be placed accordingly to where they should be. First row focuses on monsters that have moderate durability and/or high damage. Second row focuses on monsters with their own special ability or to aid in boosting damages for cards numbered ‘8’ or ‘9’. The third row focuses on monsters that can replace fallen monsters.

List of priority of monsters in the first row:
1) Horn drake (prevention of deck out)
2) Armoured Horns (a high defence monster)
3) Bushfang Female (to be destroyed to activate the Bushfang Male’s ability)
4) Butthead Male (can be used as both a defence card and also an attack card to destroy any monsters with its ‘3’ attack)
5) Bushfang Male (only if Bushfang Female is destroyed OR if there is no other choice since it’s equally strong and durable as Horn Drake and Butthead Male)

List of priority of monsters in the second row:
1) Conch Spike (when ability is activated, sealing the opponent’s charge bar is crucial)
2) Bushfang Male (while waiting out for the summoning of Bushfang Female to be destroyed)
3) Fire Worm / Hot Wheels (it adds 2 damage when the 2 highest card, ‘8’ and ‘9’ is played respectively)
4) Snare Seal (to constantly drain 1 damage from the opponent when Octoweb is in play and placed in the third row)

Monsters that can be placed in the third row:
1) Octoweb (can be placed in the third row as so long it is in play, Snare Seal can use its ability)
2) Bushfang Male (while waiting out for the summoning of Bushfang Female to be destroyed)
3) Hot Wheels / Fire Worm (either one but preferably Hot Wheels as Fire Worm boosts damages for number ‘9’ cards

Mid game:
Now, comes the question of how does one steals oink effectively from your opponent. There are a few ways of how one can steal oinks from your opponent, listed below. However, what happens if the tables have been turned against you, where you are now being robbed of your oinks? This is where the ability of Conch Spike comes in. When Conch Spike ability of sealing the enemy player’s charge bar has been activated, remember to place it in the second row so as to be defended by other monsters that has high health as the sealing of the charge bar can greatly affect the opponent’s playing style. Doing so, it will prevent him from stealing oinks from you so long as Conch Spike remains tapped and alive in the battle. This gives you the upper hand over your opponent by stealing oinks and not the other way around.

Ways of stealing oinks effectively from your opponent:
1) When you are able to play twins or triplets as early as you can (this can charge your bar much quickly and not risk waiting for a re-deck to draw for the ‘lost’ card)
2) The most effective number to charge is ‘5’ because the number ‘5’ can affect their 5 card power combo (such as Series and Super) and this will have them think twice to use it as they can play it but at the expense of sacrificing one of their oink
3) Be aware of the opponent’s played card and charge your cards that the opponent has yet to play or played the least

Late game:
If all the combos work out successfully while being shielded by the wall of monsters, it will just be a matter of time before your opponent loses health or more probably, his oinks to pay for a deck out. One way to hasten the process of your opponent decking out is to keep attacking with single card to force him to defend with his own cards resulting with him drawing more cards from his deck. If he does not defend, his life points will slowly decrease with each attack. You wouldn’t have to worry about the lacking of health and oinks due to the constant draining of health from the Snare Seal and Octoweb combo and also stealing their oinks via Conch Spike ability.

Throughout game:
The Fire Worm and Hot Wheels is chosen among other fire creatures because it adds damage to the 2 highest cards in the deck which are ‘8’ and ‘9’ has a lower chance of being blocked as compared to the lower numbers. This would allow the player to deal high damage to opponent directly or destroy high health monsters. Besides dealing high damage via this method, the Bushfang Male and Bushfang Female combo also allows the destruction of the opponent’s monster with ease or inflict high damage to the opponent’s life.
If you are unable to deal direct damage, the Snare Seal and Octoweb combo allows you to deal indirect damage to your opponent. This combo allows you to restore 1 health per turn but what is more important is the ‘free’ deduction of your opponent’s health without attacking.

-by having a solid wall, the effects of the monsters in the second row such as Conch Spike, Snare Seal or any of the 2 Ashw monsters in addition to stealing oink can greatly affect their playing style. In addition, this wall forces the opponent to use many cards and combo to deal with the high defence monsters and could lead to them to multiple deck out
-if the Snare Seal and Octoweb combo with the oink stealing combo is successfully played, it can slowly drain their oinks and health over time
-more than half of the monsters have moderate to high health which can help to replace destroyed monsters to keep the monsters in the second row alive

-forces you to play Horn Drake for every game due to the imbalance oink placement in the deck to prevent decking out especially since Horn Drake is the only ukulele card
-forces you to charge cards to only steal and not use any of the 4 elemental powers
-doesn’t focus much on attack much due to the lack of attack combo
-weak against high attack combo especially against fire based opponent
-if Octoweb or Conch Spike is destroyed, you are unable to drain health from his opponents or seal their charge bars to prevent future devastating combos
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