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Subject: Everything vs. Everything ROUND 2 rss

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David Arlington
United States
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I've been dying to get back to playing this again and it's one of the first games I've played since the big move.

From my last game, I knew one member of my new team already, Anna from Frozen. But who else would be on her team? It actually worked out really nice as I found a couple of characters in my selection piles that comboed quite well with her.

Anna has an Always Active power that you cannot place non-Boost tokens on her. Like the Director who might want to put Web tokens on her. She magically changes any non-Boost tokens into Boost tokens, but it comes at a cost of a point of damage for each one. But in my pile of available characters, I had Merida from Brave, another Disney princess who can put three Bear tokens on another character (it doesn't matter what the Bear token really does as for Anna, they are just Boost tokens for her). And then I also had My Neighbor Totoro, who can redirect damage from neighboring characters to himself (itself?). So I could quickly build up Boost tokens on Anna without HER taking the damage from them.

But who did I have on my team besides the lovely princesses and the friendly giant? To balance out the team with some testosterone, I had none other than Chuck Norris (!!) (who just skips doing damage and just wipes opposing characters from the playing field) and Captain Mal from Firefly, that dashing rogue whose power is good but very luck dependent. Waiting in the wings was my Sub, Worf from Star Trek.

The Director's team had some very interesting characters, including The Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, I never got to see that Chuck Norris - Hulk matchup as they stayed on opposite ends of the field for the most part. Also on the Director's team was Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer, Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13, the annoying Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, and Morpheus from The Matrix, along with one unknown sub I would discover later on. Morpheus borrows the abilities of other characters and he had the attacking ability of The Joker and the Always Active ability of Harry Potter.

The Director randomly chose Counter Strike and Resistance as his strategies in this game That ended up helping me quite a bit because they are light on Attacks and Stitch can't even take tokens and he doesn't attack either and neither, really does Swiper the Fox. At the beginning of the game, things looked like this:

Chuck's ability is great, but it costs 8 cards and I really needed Captain Mal's always active power of giving me an extra draw each turn for 4 cards a turn instead of 3. I really lucked out and by turn 3, I had the cards I needed and in a bit of overkill, Chuck Norris karates Swiper the Fox off the field! No counter strike or resistance effects because Chuck doesn't actually deal damage. You just cease to exist when Chuck Norris decides you don't exist.

The Hulk raged up and everyone just took one step to the left to leave Big Green with no one to vent his anger on. I just really stayed away from the Hulk all game long. Merida could shoot arrows at him from one space away safely until he got some Resistance and CounterStrike tokens.

I had a chance to heal Totoro after he had soaked some damage from Anna's Bear token Boosts from Merida, but thought I had one more turn. I didn't. Morpheus unleashed some toxic Joker gas and Totoro was gone.

Captain Mal had some Boost tokens and 5 base Attack but he fires randomly and I think he did more harm than good this game. He totally missed once. He DID take Claudia Donovan down to one HP, but on the next turn, he tried to fry Stitch and took 8 damage on himself instead!

By this time, the Director had subbed in his mystery teammate for Swiper the Fox and it turned out to be RoboCop! But shortly after he appears, one random blaster shot from Captain Mal takes him down 8 points and a mildly Boosted Anna (who kept having her extra Boost tokens stolen away by Claudia Donovan who kept giving them to her teammates) finishes him off. Unfortunately for Anna, without Totoro's protection, RoboCop's CounterStrike means she goes out in a blaze of magical glory, freezing RoboCop into a Robosicle that falls over on her and kills her too!

On the two turns before the final turn, The Director uses his Super CounterStrike and Super Resistance cards which aren't much good this late in the game and means I go two turns without any attacks from his team! I was one Club energy away from a really definitive win (with either Chuck or Worf taking out Claudia), but even without being able to attack myself on the last two-three turns, I still won:

Chuck (13 HP) + Worf (11 HP) + Merida (10 HP) = 36 HP - Dave

Hulk (15 HP) + Stitch (3 HP - his starting value) + Morpheus (7 HP) + Claudia Donovan (1 HP) = 26 HP - Director.
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