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I made a post like that last year but I deleted it to post an updated one.

In this game, London, Petrograd and Moscow have a possibility of taken by the Central Powers. Although in real game it won't probably happen if the Entente is played by a competent player, I think that the benefits the Central Powers get for taking these cities are too light.

London - If it falls, I don't think the Commonwealth will stay loyal with the crown for too long, especially Anzac. Most likely the Crown will sue for peace since keeping the Empire was more important.

Moscow - while not a capital back then, it was a rail hub for all Russian transportation, back in 1914 and also in 1941. (and even now)

If it falls, the only remaining railroads are roundabout and weaker routes in the east, or the Volga waterway, which are unlikely to be reinforced in a turmoil where the second city of the Empire fell and revolutionaries are abundant.

So, if the Germans ever get to Moscow, the revolution is going to take place.

Petrograd - Same result. I don't think the soldiers would have fought on when Petrograd fell.

Russian Revolution rolls are made when Germany possesses at least 6 surrender cities/forts, plus random events. I think that these cities should count as two cities for that purpose. Or, make Reval (Tallinn) and Smolensk as surrender cities.

To compensate for this I think Petrograd should get a fort, to protect it from a freak naval invasion (which was what Germany intended to do when it took the two Estonian islands).

French Forts -

They were quite important for morale. I think the Place of Execution coin is a weak enticement for making Germans attack Verdun, since everyone knows how it ended up and not too many people are induced to repeat history.

I think that it should be upgraded as "From the point it is played all French forts should be treated as surrender cities, but Germans must make at least one army-sized attack on a French-held fort on the turn it is played or this coin is forfeit."

French Mutiny -

The French Mutiny took place while Kerensky was still keeping Russia in war. If Russia was out of war by that time I think things would have been quite different.

I think it is a good idea to make it a surrender event - throw a dice and if it is 1 France surrenders, but subtract 1 from the result for each surrender city/fort Germany has, and another 1 if Russia is out of War. If France survives its units become 2-4-6s until "Everyone to Battle".

Italy -

Northern Italy and Southern Italy are two different countries joined by Cavour. Most games covering the Great War shows the Central Powers having to conquer Rome to knock Italy out, but I think it is to discourage the CP player from trying an 'ahistorical' approach although it makes sense in Liddell-Hart's indirect strategy theory.

I think that Turin should be a surrender city since it was the home of Italy's royal family and also Italy's biggest industrial center, and its fall would probably take out Italy's warmaking ability. With the loss of Venice, Milan and Turin, Italy loses its cultural, financial and industrial centers, as well as the legitimacy of the Piedmontese dynasty. I think after these losses Italy would not be in any condition to continue fighting.

Pop of Italy circa 1915 - 36m
Pop of Veneto (Venice) 3.7m
Pop of Lombardy (Milan) 5.0m
Pop of Piedmont (Turin) 3.5m
Loss of these three cities - 12.2m or more than 1/3 of Italy's pop, as well as more than 1/2 of Italy's middle class and better.


Absolute Victory has an entire rulebook to cover events in the major powers, some of them very unlikely to occur.

Since the period covered by DiiT had more random elements (the people were more likely to rebel - Britain (Easter Uprising), France (the Mutiny), Germany, Austria and Russia all had revolutions during or near the end of war, and even in USA the Republicans rebelled and defeated Wilson's League of Nations)

I think adding a regional rulebook is not a bad idea.
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Robert Madison
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Thanks -- I will look at this when the time comes. But I would say there are already many events in the game which depend on board position, and (for example) I know for a fact that there are events which drive the Russian Revolution up if, say, Riga is German-controlled. The worse Russia is doing, the faster the Revolution occurs.

The philosophy of the game is to add more random events of this sort -- not to lengthen the rulebook by adding more and more special rules.
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