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This post is a compendium of Vital's answers to common questions for the SV2016 Vinhos board game.

It summarizes and links Vital Lacerda’s (Vinhos creator) answers to the original threads in this forum for the Rules of Vinhos 2016.

It by no means represents all questions asked, but it does however link most answers from the rules forum as answered by Vital himself. In that sense only, it is canonical.

Clicking the links in the article will take you to the original threads where Vital responded to a question. There, you can glean more info.

This article is organized into four main sections.

1. Press Releases and Fairs
2. Experts, magnates actions and multipliers
3. Vineyards, regions and estates
4. Miscellaneous

I have not included any expansion questions as of yet.

I’d like to add more things as they come up, or if a question hasn’t been displayed, needs correcting or left unanswered let me know and I’ll post an update.

I hope you find it helpful! If it's not helpful, please let me know so I don't waste any more time!



Before a Fair do all players have to move their Action Marker to the center of the quadrel (regardless of whether they have or haven’t taken a press release action)?

No. Keep you Action Markers in their last used action spot at all times throughout the game.

If fair points are tied, do you split the tied combined positions to calculate victory point winnings?

For example; First and Second place in a two player game of Vinhos; Nine VPs for first place, plus Three VPs for second place, totalled together as twelve VPs divided by two; equalling six points each for the first and second player?

Yes. Tied fair points VP winnings are divided by the number of players tied.  

Are fair points capped at 40?

No. Keep going around. Relative positions are what counts.

Can a player send multiple expert tiles of the same type to increase fair points based on the vintage tile?

No. You may use one expert of each type of icon displayed on the vintage tile.


Can a player acquire multiple magnate multiplier tiles in the same category i.e both cellar multipliers 2X & 3X for each cellar?

No.You may only have one multiplier of each type. i.e one vineyard multiplier.

During the final thirteenth turn of the game (after the third fair), can you use a magnate action and an expert in addition to the last quadrel action?

Yes, exactly like any other turn you may use an expert and a magnate action.

When calculating points for the Barrel Multiplier Magnate Tile, do your two initial barrels count in the final scoring?

No. Only the barrels you have acquired during the game from magnates.

Can an expert be used in the middle of an action that allows you to do an action twice?

For example; sell one wine using your last barrel, return it using an expert, and selling another wine within the same action using the same barrel reacquired by the expert?

No. You may use these actions before or after an action not during.


Does the setup weather tile effect the setup production phase, i.e the value of a wine tile?

No. Calculate the quality of the setup wine (usually 2) before flipping the vintage tile.

See here also

Is it true that every new vineyard in a new estate gets the region bonus despite owning several vineyards in one region?

Yes. Each new estate gets the depicted bonus.

So, multiple vineyards from one region in one estate only get you one bonus?

Yes. You only get the depicted bonus in new estates.

Which means, there are only a possible 5 bonuses from vineyards available from region bonuses?

Yes. It logically follows that since you only get the depicted bonus in new estates and there are only five slots for estates, in any given game a player can only get a maximum of five vineyard/region bonuses.

If the cube spaces on each region are full (due to cellar, vineyard, expert actions etc) is there a way to add more cubes in waiting to that full region?

No. The square spaces to place cubes indicate the maximum number of cubes any given region can hold.

If you own multiple Duoro estates, can you interchangeably use your Porto +3 tokens between them?

No. Perhaps open to a house rule, but in general is viewed as too powerful.


Can you take more than one barrel from the sales area during the maintenance phase?

No. Despite the confusion found in the rule book, this has since been clarified.

Is a turn one of the two actions a person takes within a single year, meaning there are 13 Turns (including the final turn after the third fair) in the entire game?


Is the final thirteenth action after the third fair carried out as normal?


In Vinhos 2010, are you allowed to have negative victory points?


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Michael Cabral
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Very nice! I hope that this thread will be frequently updated and should help with a lot of questions that players may have.

Can a player acquire multiple magnate multiplier tiles in the same category i.e both cellar multipliers 2X & 3X for each cellar?

No.You may only have one multiplier of each type. i.e one vineyard multiplier.

With regards to that question, I think it should be made apparent that the answer only applies to the 2016 version. In the 2010 version you can use as many wine experts tiles depending on the wine value at submission (a tile value 0 to 4 which allows you to play 0, 1, 2, 4 or 4 wine experts respectively.) Another restriction for 2010 was that you could only score 2 different types of wine experts depending on the bonus you selected for the wine fair.

I have the original 2010 version, I am not sure if the newer 2010 has changed anything with regards to this.

Edit: I see that this compendium was meant for 2016 only. Nevermind.

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