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Subject: Exciting gameplay changes discussed during Q&A rss

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Scottie Mick
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Might add some more as the Q&A progresses, but so far Josh at Lynnvander mentioned some really exciting gameplay changes that his team are currently playtesting.

1. "so the biggest thing we've changed and are currently testing is where/when the actions happen. At the start of the round, players choose 1-2 cards from their hand and commit them to be 2029 actions; these don't count toward action limits.

All 2029 actions are done at the end of the round after everybody's reached their 1984 action limit. As a result, you play a bunch of tight 1984 gameplay back and forth, and then do some back and forth 2029 gameplay using the actions you set aside earlier. The big difference is that everything that happens with the missions in 1984 now messes up your 2029 plans - adding/removing units, moving units, attacking with units, etc. You only get limited 2029 action input from your own 2029 actions and have to rely on manipulating the past to get more of an advantage."

2. "A bit more about the Time Lab, also: Originally we had it appear/disappear as a result of specific missions and it was pretty limited in scope. This was unsatisfying to us and we struggled to come up with a better way of using it.

So now, the Time Lab is a tile that works as another Deployment Area. It gets placed in the middle of the board during setup. It begins the game "unpowered", but a team that occupies that area gains control of it and can deploy units there, as if it were a factory or outpost. It's an important central objective to own. Instead of missions placing or moving it, they now power it up. If you control it and it's powered, you can spend resources on specific cards (similar to how the Develop action works for Skynet, but more generic) which allow you to send a unit back in time. The Resistance can send back a Resistance Soldier (using one of their 2029 minis), who is controlled by the Kyle Reese player. He's like a weaker Kyle and doesn't have his own action deck. Skynet can Develop and send back another Terminator (the development cost representing the flesh covering)."

3. "important change #3 is the 1984 Terminator himself. Nat came up with an excellent tweak when doing public testing at ECCC: Every time Skynet plays a 1984 action card, the Terminator moves 1 location before or after. It speeds up the pace of the game, and while it doesn't make him that much faster, it really conveys a sense of impending, relentless, doom."

Needless to say, these are GREAT improvements and address a lot of the issues I had in the PnP! Now both boards get guaranteed focus time, the time ripples are even MORE important and add a lot of strategic depth to the game (as do the cards you need to choose before your turn starts to place on 2029), the Terminator is now RELENTLESS and ALWAYS BEHIND YOU, and the Time Lab will be a contested resource.

I'm super excited for this game!
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