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Subject: Scenario 69 discussion thread (spoilers, obviously!) rss

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David Latimore
United States
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My 4-character, level 1 party attempted and completed Scenario 69 last night, and oh boy, was it a doozy!

This was our 3rd scenario together, with one new player, subbing in for a player that couldn't be there. We were Spellweaver (new guy), Mindthief, Tinkerer, and Cragheart (me).

Our road event didn't do anything that affected the scenario, so we went in ok, but that first room was intimidating. We'd dealt with shamans before, but not ones with 3 shields. However, it ended up not being so bad. Tinkerer was able to infuse earth so I could run up and do 2 damage to all adjacent enemies, killing both Shaman right off.

Over a couple turns we were able to whittle the rest down to two imps and one scout on the side furthest from the unlocked door. We decided to open the door on the next turn, but unfortunately the imps chose that time to put up a Shield 5, nixing our plan to kill them off there and then. All enemies were going to do ranged attacks that turn, but we were able to pull back far enough that only one shaman in the room got a shot off. Finishing most everything off and hitting the pressure plate also ended up not being too bad. With the 'add target' buff I was able to use the ranged attack that also does damage to adjacent enemies to take out both shaman and 1 or 2 scouts as well. Auto-damage that gets through those shields was very very nice for the imps and shaman.

However, with the amount of monsters that spawned/were revealed when we hit that plate... damn. We thought for sure it was over. We resolved we'd try to get in that hall and just haul ass to the last room and hope there was nothing too scary.

But we didn't have the health or movement available to do that. We ended up back in the middle of the first room, taking out whatever came close. We finally got everything down except two golems, but we were running low on cards (except the tinkerer, he still had a bunch.) The spellweaver had the doll, but only enough cards for 2 turns. With the mindthief's help, he was able to get to and open the last door while the golems focused on the rest of us. Unfortunately, he hadn't brought the Jump 8 card. On his last turn, he tried to kill the spirit closest to the door for the win with fire orbs, but managed to only kill the normal one that had moved closer. Without enough movement to make it to the other side of the well, he instead moved back down the hall and dropped the doll.

I had already become exhausted as well at this point, so it was down to the mindthief and the tinkerer. They came up with a simple plan to kite the spirits away from the door. Then the mindthief used his ability to move the tinkerer 4 hexes, and the tinkerer used his move to get to the well.

All in all, I think it was a very tightly designed scenario. Of the 5 monster types, we only were familiar with 1, so figuring out how the rest worked, and adapting to deal with them, was a ton of fun.

We definitely had some luck though. The tinkerer was cursed 4 times by the end, but never drew a curse. He did spend a lot of time using support cards though, so he didn't draw a lot of attack modifier cards anyways.

Also, the Cragheart's retaliate buff was near-useless as you very very rarely ever get melee attacked. The most likely to melee attack you are the golems, and they are pretty easy to stay out of range of.

The shields could have been a real problem, but the Cragheart was able to circumvent them nicely.

The mage summon was also pretty effective at taking out a couple guys.

This was certainly the toughest scenario so far. We got poisoned a few times, but luckily had ample healing to get rid of them pretty quick most of the time. We were able to avoid a lot of the nasty shaman stuff by prioritizing them and letting them do no more than 1 attack each.

Definitely a lot of fun, can't think of any complaints.
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Steffen B√ľning
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Very tight scenario indeed! I was sure we would lose it when we triggered the pressure plate and a lot of enemies spawned simultaneously. Luckily we had rat swarm that was able to tank away a lot of damage at that time.

Scariest moment/enemy combo of all our games so far: We had the stone golems aligned in ascending numbers each two spaced apart in the hallway and then drew the Pull + Attack action card. The rats got pulled into the hallway three times in a row and died horribly by the last stone golem. (between two other imps still waiting to be activated). Poor rats, but we were glad no one else got that special treatment...

Our tinker got exhausted and dropped the doll in the hallway. The rest of us was nearly exhausted or dead in the end. I didndt get to use the invisibility cloak with my spellweaver until the last room, which was very useful for revealing it in one round and finishing it the other without getting crushed by the spirits.
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