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Wave 29 of Star Trek Attack Wing is traveling at warp speed with a few repaints, Species 8472 Bioship Alpha & the U.S.S. Excelsior. But wave 29 will also introduce us to another Xindi ship, the Muratas.

Back in December I wrote about the Xindi ship Orassin & the Calindra. So I guess my Xindi build will be much bigger now that the Muratas Reptilian Warship is out.

So lets see if Wizkids/NECA is missing anything from their Xindi releases. They have released the Calindra & the Azati Prime for the Aquatics, the Orassin & the Diapsora for the Insectoids, the Xindus & Weapon Zero which included Reptilian regimental commander Dolim & Degra.

Now the Xindi Reptilian species will have one extra ship added to their fleet with the Muratas which will include Dolim & Drega. These two definitely like to travel together.

The Muratas will bring some heavy firepower to any battle. The Reptilian Warship Muratas is well worth the 22SP price. This ship has four attack dice, however it’s agility roll is only one die. The Muratas for four hull but then again only has two shields. The ship’s own ability is pretty good as it allows the player to re-roll up to two attack dice during the modify attack dice step if one shield is disabled.

Although it lacks in the defensive department, it’ll shine in the offensive department. Captains Dolim & Drega are included in this expansion giving to great options for command.

Dolim allows the player to treat their crew & tech upgrade slots as weapon slots. Dolim also lowers the cost of weapon upgrades by one. Dolim costs 5SP with a captain skill of 8. He is also given one Elite Upgrade slot.

Drega, who has followed Dolim from the Xindi Weapon Zero expansion, will cost 3SP with a captain skill of 4. But he gives a bonus of one attack when a secondary weapon is used. If that secondary weapon happens to be a Xindi weapon then that player will add two attack dice to their pool instead of the one.

“Patience is For the Dead” is the Elite Skill in this expansion. It has a cost of 5SP but is worth the high price just for the one use. At the start of the Combat Phase, before ships have attacked, the player may discard Patience is For the Dead to attack before any other ship. There is a price to pay though. No defense dice may be rolled during the round that Patience is For the Dead is played.

So lets talk Xindi weapons. This expansion comes with two weapon upgrades. Of course it comes with the traditional torpedoes. The Xindi Torpedoes in this expansion cost 3SP, can be used at a range of 2-3, & has an attack roll of four dice. This torpedo, if fired from a Xindi ship will add one attack die to the pool of attack dice.

The second weapon upgrade, in my opinion, is pretty awesome. I do think it is a little expensive. This upgrade has a variable SP cost. It is dependent on what the Primary Weapon attack value is of the Xindi ship it is on. But that same variable will also be the attack value with a bonus of one additional attack die.

It does come with one crew upgrade. That upgrade is Reptilian Analysis Team. This upgrade will cost 5SP. Reptilian Analysis Team adds a tech upgrade slot to the ship it is on. The secondary ability it has allows a player to disable the Reptilian Analysis Team instead of a tech upgrade that is being used. This places three time tokens on that upgrade, unless it is a Xindi tech upgrade which will get two time token.

There are also two tech upgrades tagging along, Thermal Chamber & Sensor Encoders.

Thermal Chamber is a cost of 3SP with an action ability. This action, when used, will remove all disabled tokens from all Xindi crew upgrades & adds four to the current Captain’s skill number for that round.

I have a feeling Sensor Encoders will be firmly used in Xindi builds. For a cost of 3SP a player will be able to disable Sensor Encoders to re-roll one defense die. But the secondary ability is what everyone will be using this card for.

Instead of actually disabling Sensor Encoders, a player will be able to discard the upgrade to gain plus one agility for the rest of the game when a friendly ship is destroyed.

And of course this expansion will come with the typical generic Xindi Reptilian Warship & generic captain. It will also come with a mission specific card called “Damaged”. This will give all the details you need to set up a scenario where the Xindi will have to defeat the Federation before the Xindi Council recalls the Xindi ships.

This is a good Xindi expansion. Not thrilled that the Muratas only has one agility but there are ways to fix that. But I do like what Dolim brings to battle. The Muratas can be packed with some sweet artillery. Unfortunately it will probably only last a few turns but if destroys a ship or two before it blows up then it has done it’s job.

Let’s get ready to go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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